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Come Alive: Philippians & Colossians (Paperback)


Set against the backdrop of the Roman world, Come Alive: Philippians and Colossians invites you into the real-life drama of the early church,...

Comfort and Joy (ePUB)


Comfort and Joy speaks to the heart of those who long for hope and to those who find joy in the sacred celebration of Christ at Christmas.

Through the Storm (ePUB)


A collection of honest, conversational poems, Through the Storm explores the place where faith and fear meet. It will inspire you to find your voice...

The Sound of Leadership (Paperback)


A collection of insights from former university president Jules Glanzer, The Sound of Leadership will show you how to become a Kingdom-minded leader...

Everything is All Right (Paperback)


Written in the wake of an aggressive cancer diagnosis, Robert Hasley’s profound and encouraging meditations reflect the power of trust and...

Come Alive: Ecclesiastes


Like a great song or piece of art, Ecclesiastes speaks to the range of human experience and emotion, reminds us we’re not alone, and proves that...

The Five Congregational Personality Types


Which of the 5 congregational personality types is your congregation? The answer will change everything about how you lead, grow, and empower your...

The Secret Power of Kindness


We live in a world that values kindness but struggles to actually be kind. Despite our “random ...

Come Alive: Proverbs (ePUB)


Come Alive: Conversations with Scripture is a guide through the books of the Bible, providing cultural context and insights that bridge the gap...

The Journal (ePUB)


See the Easter story with new eyes — through the lens of an unexpected witness

Telos (ePUB)


To live a better Christian story, we need a better vision of the end. ...

Confronting the Thief Within (ePUB)


With courageous vulnerability, pastor Wes Olds tells the story of how God healed him from people pleasing, anger, breakdown, and burnout – and shows...

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