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Heads and Tails (Paperback)

Following and Leading in Kingdom-Formed Organizations

Author Richard Kriegbaum

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Book - Paperback

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A collection of insights on faith, business, and how to lead your organization like Jesus would – no matter what type of organization you’re in.

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I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rich Kriegbaum and witnessing firsthand his passion for nurturing Christian service and his profound insights drawn from a wealth of wisdom that make this book a transformative guide for aligning organizations with the divine purpose. With an unyielding dedication to the message of the gospel, he explores the delicate balance between following and leading, emphasizing that effective leadership must be rooted in humble service and the heart devoted to God’s calling.

As an individual who has been driven by a similar passion in developing International Bible schools, churches, conferences, and seminars, Heads and Tails speaks to the core of my own journey as a trusted shepherd and servant in the Kingdom. It reaffirms the significance of exploring new frontiers in spreading the Word of God, and it provides a blueprint for fostering organizations that are not only successful but also deeply rooted in the values of the Kingdom. With a remarkable ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and precision, it will equip you for effective following and leading. I wholeheartedly endorse this book to anyone seeking to make a profound impact on their organization, community, and beyond with a lasting legacy of faith, service, and transformation.

Angulus Wilson, Ph.D., D.Min.
Angulus Wilson, Ph.D., D.Min.
Senior Chaplain of Wheaton College, author of What Is Spiritual Warfare? and What Do Evangelicals Believe?

In a world where confusion often prevails, this book serves as an aid to more effective following and leading in the ongoing discovery of the shared purpose within their organization. By highlighting the exemplary life of Christ, this book empowers individuals to navigate followership and leadership together with conviction. I endorse Rich’s work, considering it an indispensable addition to the curriculum of the Masters in Strategic and Organizational Leadership program at Fresno Pacific University. The insights and interactive questions at the end of each chapter will catalyze meaningful introspection and spiritual development for our students. This book will help shape the next generation of leaders and followers to see and serve each other and remember their true purpose.

Suzana Dobric Veiss
Suzana Dobric Veiss
Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, Regent University and Program Director, MA in Strategic & Organizational Leadership, Fresno Pacific University

I found the topics of leading and following in this excellent book to be gripping; once I started reading, I could hardly put it down. The role of followership is central in every successful human enterprise. Rich Kriegbaum has done us all a service to elucidate a hitherto little-studied and undervalued dimension of organizational effectiveness. I want it for the people in my organization.

Larry B. Jones, Ph.D.
Larry B. Jones, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Seed Company, A Wycliffe Bible Translators Affiliate

In a world obsessed with power, where leaders are worshipped for their charisma and productivity with little to no regard for character, and sadly a church posture that reflects far more the culture of the world and not the way of Jesus, Richard Kriegbaum offers us a fresh, invigorating, and radical perspective on how leaders and organizations can operate in a life-giving way. The concept of following is a much-needed clarion call for the times we are in. Read this with an open mind, a responsive heart, and willing hands.

Rev. Fritz Dale
Rev. Fritz Dale
Former Executive Director of Reach National Ministries, Evangelical Free Church of America

This book brings together a biblical, theological, philosophical, and practical understanding in a way that influences the reader to examine and evaluate their own involvement as a follower and leader. Written by a Christian educator, the book has a textbook feel that communicates the relational dimension of influence through the lens of a Christ-follower called to influence the world more as God intended it to be. A whole course could be designed around the book as the primary text. What a great book!  Love it.

Jules Glanzer, D. Min
Jules Glanzer, D. Min
President Emeritus, Tabor College, Senior Consultant with the Timothy Group, author of Money. Money. Money: Actions for Effective Fundraising and The Sound of Leadership

Richard Kriegbaum has written a Christ-centered catalyst for change that shows both sides of the leader-follower equation how to see themselves less as opponents with differing perspectives and objectives and more as allies working together to make the highest and best use of their God given talents. It is well crafted and extremely informative. It contains multiple techniques and tools for improving the way leaders and followers interact. I especially enjoy the Talking with God prayers and the Effectiveness Framework.

Tom E. Jones, Ed.D
Tom E. Jones, Ed.D
organizational consultant, author of Doers: The Vital Few Who Get Things Done, Help! I’m Surrounded by Idiots, and If It’s Broken, You Can Fix It

In Leadership Prayers Dr. Richard Kriegbaum presented leadership insights linking scripture, prayers, and corporate circumstances from his perspective as a leader. In Heads and Tails, he again draws on his extensive executive and consulting experiences to provide a unique perspective on the role and power of the follower. As a leader and a follower, if your goal is a successful organization with the values of the Kingdom of God, be it public, private, government, NGO, church, or family, this book will provide the tools, scriptural foundation, and prayers for great following and leading.

John Kilroy
John Kilroy
Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, former manager and executive leadership trainer in the finance and aerospace industries, dean of the School of Business, and professor of leadership, organizational behavior, change management, and diversity in graduate degree programs.

A fresh voice in a crowded room of leadership literature. Kriegbaum gets it.

Heads and Tails fills a void in the myriad of books that present models, methods, and measurements of effective leadership. Instead of making it all about the leader, Kriegbaum introduces the importance of followership and aptly describes the relationship between leader and follower. Both leader and followers have their respective roles and responsibilities. One cannot function or demonstrate effectiveness without the other. His description and understanding of the Kingdom of God is refreshing, rooted in scripture, and presented in a practical and understandable way. Head and Tails is a book for every person who has served in a leadership role and experienced frustration moving the organization towards a described future. 

Jules Glanzer, D. Min
Jules Glanzer, D. Min
President Emeritus, Tabor College, Senior Consultant with the Timothy Group, author of Money. Money. Money: Actions for Effective Fundraising and The Sound of Leadership

So much has been written on effective leadership but too little has been written on effective followership. This book begins to bridge that gap in a compelling way. The format combines practical teaching with Biblical testimonies, beautifully crafted prayers, and thought-provoking questions for discussion and deeper consideration. In all, this is a challenging and insightful study into what makes up a kingdom-formed organization from both the leader and follower perspectives.

R. Scott Rodin, Ph.D
R. Scott Rodin, Ph.D
Founder and Subject Matter Expert, The Center for Steward Leader Studies


Your life depends on organizations. God created you in his image for purposeful relationships. No human can thrive, or ultimately even survive, in isolation. From the small groups like a nuclear family, church, or school to large secular companies, and the
government, every such purposeful group of people is, by definition, an organization where everything is done by someone who is following or leading, and often both. These interdependent roles are equally important heads and tails of the organizational coin.

The Kingdom of God has two realms of organizations. The heavenly realm is perfectly organized, so when Jesus taught his followers to pray, he told them to pray for God’s Kingdom to come soon on earth as it is now in heaven. Later he repeated that
instruction even more strongly and with a promise: seek the Kingdom of God above everything else, and he will give you everything you need.

How do you bring Kingdom principles into every kind of organization, with following and leading equally valued under the perfect leadership of King Jesus? The heavenly realm provides the organizational and relational ideal for all organizations in the earthly realm, so the following and leading roles can be filled with maximum effectiveness.

In the present earthly realm, Kingdom-formed organizations function as much as possible like the ideal model of the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Thus, in a heavily leader-centric world, extra-intentional effort must focus on the development of highly
effective followership and truly humble leadership. Heads and Tails provides principles, illustrations, a practical framework, meditations, and challenging questions for a mindset that guides actions great and small to make following and leading in any kind of organization more like the coming Kingdom of God.