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The Journal


See the Easter story with new eyes — through the lens of an unexpected witness

Come Alive Bundle


De-weird the Bible. Discover how God is speaking to you today.

Everybody Needs Some Cave Time


With unbridled honesty, pastor Jorge Acevedo explores the “caves” we all experience in life – anger, fear, depression, temptation, grief,...

Dynamite Prayer


This daily prayer guide will show you how to begin a practice of breakthrough prayer, ...

Confronting the Thief Within (Paperback)


With courageous vulnerability, pastor Wes Olds tells the story of how God healed him from people pleasing, anger, breakdown, and burnout – and shows...

That's Good News!


That’s Good News is a practical guide to evangelism for the everyday Christian – no having all the answers, special training, or seminary degree...

Both/And (Paperback)


In a world of rapid cultural and technological change, how do we faithfully worship and share the good news of Jesus Christ? ...

Both/And (Donation)


Donate to help promote Jason Moore's detailed and precise method for creating hybrid worship. 100% of your donation is going to be used to share...

Painting with Ashes (Hardback)



Painting with Ashes (Paperback)


From drug dealer to pastor on a mission to bring “church to the wild,” Michael Beck’s raw and powerful story of recovery and healing will help...

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