How Long Should I Expect to Wait on My Order?

Our goal is for all shipments to be fulfilled within same business day at the minimum, and 3 business days at the maximum. After this, it is subject to the status of the shipping industry! (We pray it arrives fast!)

Who Is Invite Affiliated With?

We are a ministry of St. Andrew Methodist church in Plano, Texas. Our Executive Director, Len Wilson, has been on staff at St. Andrew since summer of 2016 and currently holds the position of Director of Innovation and Strategy there.

Invite is Len's primary daily work.

When Did Invite Begin?

Invite launched as a new ministry on Mar 16, 2020, which was the first day of shelter in place during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We like to say that while the world pressed pause, we pressed play on an innovative new ministry, and pray for global reach.

How is Invite Structured?

We are a fully-owned ministry of St. Andrew Methodist Church of Plano, Texas. Our goal as we grow is to eventually become an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Do You Offer Bulk Sales?

Invite Resources Bulk Pricing Announcement

Nov 10, 2022

Effective immediately



To facilitate ease with bulk orders, Invite Resources now offers a single bulk discount policy with multiple price breaks by quantity. Here is the chart of discounts:


20-49 units: 20% off

50-99 units: 25% off

100-199 units: 30% off

200-299 units: 35% off

300-499 units: 40% off

500-999 units: 45% off

1000+ units: 50% off


Bulk discounts apply to all orders, including orders from end users and from booksellers. A few additional notes:

Authors, contractual discounts still apply. We will honor the highest possible discount at the given quantity, according to terms in your agreement(s).

Bulk discounts do not mix with additional coupon codes in the Invite store. Only one discount applies, and the best possible discount will be honored.

Booksellers, note that you may also purchase quantities, including single unit orders, of all Invite Press books through our distributor, Ingram.