Our mission is to share the promise of Christ’s New Creation.

We invite all people to discover a deeper faith and relationship with Christ and use their gifts for the benefit of others, and participate in God’s kingdom. As such, it is a ministry designed for both laypersons and church leaders.

Invite Press is the official imprint of Invite Resources and is a new, premier publisher for books to help you grow in your Christian faith.

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Greater Things: The Work of the New Creation

Now Available

Greater Things: The Work of the New Creation

From a pioneer in creative thinking, learn a proven process for turning faith in Jesus into action that builds a better world.... What if we could actually help build a better culture? We have been tearing down our own ideas and institutions for generations. It’s time to build again. While we love to talk about innovation, societies flourish when something greater happens: Christian innovation. This book explores the implications of Jesus’ amazing promise that we can do even greater things than He did.

Help your church launch a new Christian innovation!

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