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Come Alive Bundle (Set 2)

Philippians & Colossians; Ecclesiastes; Ruth, Esther, & Jonah

Author Talbot Davis



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De-weird the Bible. Discover how God is speaking to you today.

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Philippians & Colossians

Set against the backdrop of the Roman world, Come Alive: Philippians and Colossians invites you into the real-life drama of the early church, clarifies your thinking about who you are and who Jesus is and reminds you of the supreme joy of knowing Him: the Son of God and the only authority in heaven and on earth.


Like a great song or piece of art, Ecclesiastes speaks to the range of human experience and emotion, reminds us we’re not alone, and proves that wisdom can be found even in the darkest of places.

Ruth, Esther, Jonah

Discover the grit, wit, and wisdom of Ruth, Esther, and Jonah as you read these beloved Bible stories with fresh eyes.  Recognize God’s goodness even when you feel powerless, forgotten, or hopeless. Learn to spot Him working behind the scenes in all seasons of life.