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Greater Things (Paperback)


What if we could actually help build a better culture? ...

Beyond the Broken Heart (Paperback)


Beyond the Broken Heart – A Journey Through Grief is a dual-purpose resource. It is well-suited for anyone who has lost a loved one to death – a...

Solid Souls (Paperback)


Most people are waiting to live their best life. ...

What Jesus Expects of Us (Paperback)


What does it mean to lead a worthy life? The apostle Paul once wrote a letter to circulate among the earliest house churches in western Asia Minor,...

Painting with Ashes (Hardback)



Both/And (Paperback)


In a world of rapid cultural and technological change, how do we faithfully worship and share the good news of Jesus Christ? ...

Parenting with Perspective (Paperback)


Parenting is hard. There are many demands and expectations families face - but what if there was a way to see things differently and rise above the...

Jesus Unchained (Hardback)


Provocative and inspiring, Jesus Unchained challenges the ways we have twisted Jesus to fit our agendas. Who he really is can set us free.

Come Alive: Conversations with Scripture (Paperback)


De-weird the Bible. Discover how God is speaking to you today.