Interesting Books

We are about accessible ideas, presented in an engaging and relatable fashion. This is not to say we want fluff; in fact, we desire books with academic rigor and theological reasoning, but without the difficult writing. We are not interested in boring books. We want our books to be approachable and helpful resources that speak to today’s issues.



Christian Life Books

We publish books for those with an active Christian faith. We are less interested in “professional” books that only speak to paid clergy and that perpetuate institutions and systems. We are more interested in innovative ideas that lift up Jesus and equip and empower Christians to deepen and activate their faith life.



Important Books

We publish books with something to say. While some may primarily write and publish for profit or because of the pure love of writing, the bottom line for us is to publish voices that move the public conversation forward in healthy and productive ways. A clear voice with important ideas is non-negotiable.



Beautiful Books

We believe in the power of print. Digital is central to our strategy, and we publish ebooks and audio books. At the same time, our favorite way to read is still the tactile experience of holding a beautifully made book in your hands. Invite Press titles are the kind of titles you are proud to put on your desk or nightstand and share with others.



Grace And Truth Books

We publish books built on a robust theology of grace that calls people to better ways of thinking and living. Our primary audience are people oriented toward a grace-filled theological understanding of God’s character and of the calling and challenge of all Christ followers to personal and social holiness. Core theological attributes include gracefulness, love, restoration, sanctification, mission, and a life of flourishing.



Invite Values Books

Finally, Invite Press books align with Invite Resources values. Invite Resources is about the calling to Christian innovation, the unique giftedness of every person, the importance of Christian community, the power of ministering in individual contexts, and the goal of changing lives.


Our Unique Proposition To Authors

  • We are interested in people, not products
  • We believe everyone has a unique contribution to the Kingdom
  • We hope to cultivate authors to speak to their strengths
  • We are focused on resources that benefit God’s kingdom
  • We offer a boutique publishing experience with an emphasis on cultivation
  • We are committed to helping build platform for those with whom we do ministry