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Trail Guide to the Scriptures: 2 Peter


Find perspective and encouragement for when being a Christian is challenging, countercultural, and misunderstood. Hold onto eternal hope when your...

Generation Awakened


What would you do if God showed up when you least expected it? ...

Present Comfort Study Guide (Paperback)


The Present Comfort Study Guide is for those who have sustained a profound loss and for those who are at a loss to understand the range of emotions...

Saving Church (ePUB)


What if church isn’t about programs, buildings, or attendance, but about a community of people embodying God’s presence and purpose in the world?...

Gospelsick (Paperback)


The gospel needs to take its rightful place in our lives as the issue we are most passionate about.

Confronting the Thief Within Kit


With courageous vulnerability, pastor Wes Olds tells the story of how God healed him from people pleasing, anger, breakdown, and burnout – and shows...

The Secret Power of Kindness Kit


We live in a world that values kindness but struggles to actually be kind. Despite our “random ...

The Sports Devotional (Paperback)


The Sports Devotional: 30 Days of Encouragement for Following Jesus is a one month devotional journey meant to teach, challenge, and impassion you to...

When Spirituality and Trauma Collide


A science- and Scripture-backed guide for navigating trauma in the sacred space of soul care. Combining best practices from neuroscience, theology,...

Heads and Tails


A collection of insights on faith, business, and how to lead your organization like Jesus would – no matter what type of organization you’re in.

The Ping Life


The Ping Life is a framework for living an authentic Christian life filled with peace, happiness, and purpose — one where you’re free to enjoy the...

The Five Congregational Personality Types + Assessment Bundle


Can churches in the 21st century stop, reverse, or prevent decline – and even become healthy, thriving congregations?

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