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Rebuilding Our Lives and This World. ...

The Shadow of a Doubt


We all have doubts. Throughout this five-week study, Davis invites you to acknowledge and confront your doubts about your Christian faith. Each...



Rosario Picardo was a recently divorced and slightly jaded ex-Marine when he heeded God's call to plant "a church for broken people" This book...

Crash Test Dummies


You've seen them, haven't you? They ride in the front seats of expensive cars and drive headlong into a brick wall. And then they do it again. And...

Head Scratchers


The focus of this five-week study is on some of Jesus’ difficult sayings that readers of the Gospels find perplexing or offensive. Each session,...

Both/And (ePUB)


In a world of rapid cultural and technological change, how do we faithfully worship and share the good news of Jesus Christ? ...

Beyond the Broken Heart Leader Guide


Beyond the Broken Heart – A Journey Through Grief Leader Guide is a comprehensive guide for the Leader of a grief group. The Leader Guide includes...

Painting with Ashes Sermon Series


We are a society in ashes. Yet our grief goes unobserved. We try to carry on as if everything is "normal." ...

Everything is Gonna Be Alright (Audiobook)


These short, uplifting devotional messages of comfort and encouragement are just the antidote for days of stress and worry. Pastor Robert Hasley tells...

Painting with Ashes Wounded Healers Guide


Every person or organization carries some wound, challenge, or disability. This companion guide to Painting with Ashes is meant to help individuals,...

Both/And (Donation)


Donate to help promote Jason Moore's detailed and precise method for creating hybrid worship. 100% of your donation is going to be used to share...

Painting with Ashes (Paperback)


From drug dealer to pastor on a mission to bring “church to the wild,” Michael Beck’s raw and powerful story of recovery and healing will help...

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