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Trail Guide to the Scriptures: 2 Peter

Author Shane L. Bishop

SKU: 978-1-953495-97-6

Book - Paperback

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Find perspective and encouragement for when being a Christian is challenging, countercultural, and misunderstood. Hold onto eternal hope when your faith comes with a cost.

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Trail Guide to the Scriptures: 2 Peter is your step-by-step guide to traveling the path of 2 Peter and uncovering the treasures it holds: traveling its twists and turns, climbing its challenging sections, being awed by its breathtaking views, and letting it form and inspire you.

With Reverend Shane Bishop — pastor, history nerd, regular guy, and fellow traveler just like you — as your guide, you will better understand the landscape of 2 Peter, see things you might have missed while reading on your own, and feel more confident navigating its pages.

In 2 Peter, we find the church in a dire situation, as the external pressures of persecution have started to cause fractures and disease within the church. Where 1 Peter encouraged the church to stand strong in the face of opposition, 2 Peter is an urgent warning to the church to not collapse from within. From false prophets to moral failures, the author of 2 Peter shows followers of Jesus how to spot disease and dysfunction within the church and build authentic Christian community.

Eerily relevant to our time, 2 Peter will show you what faithfulness to Jesus looks like even in difficult times and give you a path for living in health and holiness, both as an individual and as a church community.

Part commentary, part historical nonfiction, part story that you can’t put down, Trail Guide to the Scriptures takes you verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible while showing you what it means for your life today. With each book broken into “episodes” that pull you into the plot, you will discover how engaging and exciting Scripture can be and learn what it says for yourself and how it applies to your life today.

Get ready to reach new heights in your faith and find a model of faithfulness amid shifting sands and changing tides.