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Healing Deepest Hurts (Paperback)


Healing Deepest Hurts will guide you through the process of “soul archeology,” empowering you to dig deep into past emotional, mental, and...

Gospelsick (Paperback)


The gospel needs to take its rightful place in our lives as the issue we are most passionate about.

Present Comfort Study Guide (Paperback)


The Present Comfort Study Guide is for those who have sustained a profound loss and for those who are at a loss to understand the range of emotions...

Present Comfort Bundle (Paperback)


Bundle includes both Present Comfort and Present Comfort Study Guide.

Saving Church (Paperback)


What if church isn’t about programs, buildings, or attendance, but about a community of people embodying God’s presence and purpose in the world?...

God is For You (Paperback)


Are you facing a crisis in life? Do you feel like God has abandoned you? In God Is For You, pastor Mac Brunson helps you experience the unwavering...

Come Alive Bundle (Set 2)


De-weird the Bible. Discover how God is speaking to you today.

Come Alive: Ruth, Esther, & Jonah


Discover the grit, wit, and wisdom of Ruth, Esther, and Jonah as you read these beloved Bible stories with fresh eyes. Recognize God’s goodness...

The Ping Life


The Ping Life is a framework for living an authentic Christian life filled with peace, happiness, and purpose — one where you’re free to enjoy the...

Astonished by the Word


How many times have you been told to “read your Bible more,” but not seen transformation in the process? Does the Bible just tell you how to...

Come Alive: Ecclesiastes


Like a great song or piece of art, Ecclesiastes speaks to the range of human experience and emotion, reminds us we’re not alone, and proves that...

Come Alive: Philippians & Colossians (Paperback)


Set against the backdrop of the Roman world, Come Alive: Philippians and Colossians invites you into the real-life drama of the early church,...

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