What Is Breakthrough Prayer?

by Sue Nilson-Kibbey

If you are seeking to follow Christ—like I am—it’s crucial to prioritize time for intentional learning from and listening to the voice of God’s Spirit for guidance.

If you don’t, you and I will only be guessing on our own about the best route to take through each day, and which decisions and choices might accomplish God’s purposes in and through you. And likely we will miss living into all the fullness God has for us that is available through the dunamis—the resurrection power of God’s Spirit--that opens new doors of miraculous possibilities in the potential of any and every moment.

Many faithful Christians do develop the habits of regularly spending time reading the Bible and reflecting on scripture’s life applications to live out. And most do ask God through prayer to heal, to comfort, to protect, to provide and to bless loved ones and themselves. However, if you and I long to become part of God’s dunamis in the world, to live into all the richness of God’s intentions for us, we don’t want let our prayers stop there!

Everything shifts when we include one more additive component in our recurrent prayer practice through each day. I call it a breakthrough prayer, simply asking for God’s new possibilities to break through, inviting God the Almighty to open new doors…and along with it, your commitment that you’ll surrender all you are now to make room for all God longs to unfold. Then notice the new eyes and ears of discernment you’ll gain as you’re truly led forward on the open road of faith. This has changed everything—and I do mean everything! — for me.

Prayer hack…Does the idea of a quick and handy means by which to add such breakthrough prayer to your daily prayer habits appeal to you? Consider an even shorter targeted breakthrough prayer version that I’ve nicknamed a prayer-hold, a prayer style also practiced throughout our historic Christian faith. A prayer-hold is a short phrase or word from a scripture verse you can utilize for frequent prayer use throughout the day. Every hour (or whenever you become aware that you are feeling inadequate, uncertain, or tempted to slide off track spiritually) you can simply pray the day’s short prayer-hold. This helps you refocus and realign your spiritual eyes back again on discerning and following the Spirit’s activity and guidance.

I’m so passionate about this added dimension of breakthrough prayer that it fueled me to write, along with my friend Rosario Picardo, a 28-day guidebook to help you take the step of a 28-day experiment with this. Discover what the dunamis, or dynamite of God’s Spirit can break through and open next for you in your adventure of faith!