Dynamite Prayer Surpasses 3,000 Copies Sold with Bulk Orders to Churches Across America

by Josiah Simons

When Dynamite Prayer was published in August 2022, authors Sue Nilson Kibbey and Rosario Picardo envisioned the 28-day prayer guide equipping individuals and congregations with a resource that would transform their prayer lives. Not only did that happen, it happened at a scale unexpected by both the authors and the publisher, Invite Press.

In less than six months, Dynamite Prayer has sold 3,000 copies. And the majority of sales have come through large bulk orders. Churches, and even church conference cabinets, have taken up the 28-day prayer challenge at the congregational level.

In a Facebook post from Ken Willard’s profile, he shares about three conference cabinets who are using Dynamite Prayer to spend the next 28 days in prayer together. The caption reads, "The Susquehanna, Western PA, and West Virginia conference cabinets are spending the next 28 days in prayer. We are using the book Dynamite Prayer by Sue Nilson Kibbey and Rosario Picardo. — at John XXIII Pastoral Center."

Posted by Ken Willard on Facebook.

"We often approach prayer as an individualistic, private, and isolated practice. While personal prayer is essential, it is easy to neglect the power of people coming together in a Spirit of unity to pray for breakthroughs and miracles over a situation, circumstance, or vitality in the local church." This is author Rosario Picardo’s response to why the book is so good for groups of people to utilize (and pray) together.

It is easy to forget that prayer, outside of doing it before a meal, is something to be done with other people. When most people hear the word "prayer," they think of quiet time, alone, with God. And this is absolutely what prayer looks like much of the time. But corporate prayer is just as essential to the church, and to our individual prayer lives. Dynamite Prayer is a guide that offers a simple framework for a group of people to easily access and join in corporate prayer.

Sue Nilson Kibbey says, "Many individuals and congregations believe prayer makes a difference, but have always struggled to incorporate prayer for God’s guidance and new possibilities regularly into their daily lives of faith. Dynamite Prayer provides 28 days of establishing this new daily prayer habit/practice in the center of everything, with miraculous ongoing outplay!"

Sue has received emails from pastors saying that their congregations are doing the 28-day prayer experiment a second, third, and even fourth time since receiving the book. Prayer skeptics have also reached out to the authors saying that before reading the book, they never really believed in the power of prayer. After reading for 28 days, these individuals report experiencing true and dynamic responses from God through their prayers. This has completely transformed their prayer lives.

When asked why corporate prayer is so important, Rosario responded, "The dunamis power of God is especially harnessed when people come together to pray. Our nation has witnessed this with the numerous prayers for Buffalo Bills' safety, Damar Hamlin. Individual prayers, corporate prayer gatherings, prayer vigils, and love have carried this young man to a miraculous recovery thus far. Just imagine the witness a group of dedicated prayer warriors can make in our world through the local church."

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