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The Jesus Method (Paperback)

A Reliable Approach to Navigating Today's Urgent Social Issues

Author Ted Bryant

SKU: 978-1-963265-01-9

Book - Paperback

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The Jesus Method uncovers and breaks down Jesus’s masterful approach to social dilemmas, giving you a clear, actionable process to apply to any hot-button conversation or situation.

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Such an encouraging guide on how to use the Bible as your steady roadmap through this increasingly unsteady world!

Granger Smith
Granger Smith
speaker and New York Times bestselling author of Like a River


I love this book! Ted Bryant did an incredible job of helping us figure out how to navigate many of the social dilemmas we all feel about our culture. The Jesus Method brings us hope and context on how to have these important conversations. This is a much-needed book.

Jim Burns, PhD
Jim Burns, PhD
President, HomeWord, author of Doing Life with Your Adult Children: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out

In an “us-them” society where churches and Christians often stand “against” - defining who’s“in” and who’s “out,” it can be tempting to look for arguments to defend and ammunition to defeat. You’ll not find either here. Instead, Ted invites us to unity - not around rules, opinions and beliefs - but around Jesus. Spoiler Alert: The Jesus Method is Love.


Mark L. Waltz
Mark L. Waltz
coach, author, pastor

Pastor Ted does a great job of communicating how Jesus’ number one desire is to have a personal relationship with each one of us. And through that relationship, the impact of our choices and our witness here on earth and for eternity.

Ryne Lightfoot
Ryne Lightfoot
Men’s College Basketball Coach, Western Carolina University 

In a culture of increased polarization and judgmentalism, Ted Bryant offers a different way. A Jesus way. It's compelling and convicting, also anti-culture, yet biblical. This book has the potential of shaking the Church out of its compartmentalized and politicized trajectory. So refreshing.


Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens
CEO and Founder, LeadingSmart, author of Marked by Love: A Dare to Walk Away from Judgment and Hypocrisy

Ted Bryant jumps headlong into the conversations that are dominating the global and Christian conversation. Our anxiety and experience around these issues tell us that, to this point, we have been having shallow conversations that have led to superficial results. It is time to try something different and Ted captures this hopeful, powerful, ancient, new way in The Jesus Method.

Bryan Collier
Bryan Collier
Leading and Founding Pastor, The Orchard

Here's a page-turner if there ever was one. I only wish I'd read it 5 years ago while trying to navigate difficult political differences with my own beloved relatives. Dr. Ted's observations about the Jesus Method are often brilliant and always helpful. This timely book is a must read for every Christ- follower.


Dr. Bob Laurent
Dr. Bob Laurent
author, evangelist, and teaching pastor at Granger Community Church.

Ted Bryant is where a brilliant mind and an unbridled passion for Jesus meet.  He will be a strong Christian voice for decades to come.

Shane L. Bishop
Shane L. Bishop
Senior Pastor, Christ Church, author of That’s Good News and The Ping Life

The Jesus Method not only equips us to approach today’s social dilemmas the way Jesus would but reminds us that the trust built through the sacrificial approach to loving and serving people with a kingdom perspective, draws people to God regardless of their social background, issue, or dilemma. “At the root of every social dilemma is a heart dilemma.”  This book not only teaches but transforms our hearts and methods to point those in our circumference of influence to Jesus’ saving grace!

Paul Kobylarz
Paul Kobylarz
Corporate Chaplain, Leadership & Cultural Development Team - Lippert 

In navigating the challenging social issues of our time, who better to learn from than the Master himself: Jesus of Nazareth. In this book Ted Bryant brilliantly captures the ways in which Jesus approached the social dilemmas of his day--ways that are as relevant now as they were back then. Learn from Ted as he explains how to apply the Jesus Method today. This is the way to transform our conversations and make a better world!

Chad Meister, Ph.D.
Chad Meister, Ph.D.
Author of Building Belief and Evil: A Guide for the Perplexed


Social Dilemma
any pressurized predicament surrounding a hot-button issue or topic 

In an increasingly polarized society, we’re faced with social dilemmas and disagreements every day, from economic systems to elections, pronouns to pop culture. These topics can derail families, friendships, workplaces, churches, and of course, the dreaded Facebook comments section.

Followers of Jesus often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to navigating tough conversations with both grace and truth. 

Do we “take a stand” and share God’s truth, even if it alienates or offends the other person? Or do we remain silent out of kindness and respect, but wonder if we’re being untrue to our values? The Jesus Method offers a different way: a simple, clear model for dealing with social dilemmas the way Jesus would, giving you confidence that you can respond with wisdom and love no matter what hot-button issues come your way. By examining Jesus’s mindset and approach to tough situations – not just WHAT He said, but HOW He said it – you will discover a path that alleviates the pressure to “get it right” and helps you get unstuck and move forward with those you love.

The Jesus Method doesn’t tell you what to think or what stance to take. Instead, it gives you a process for navigating the messy middle of truth and love, honesty and self-control while engaging in Jesus’s #1 priority: relationships.