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Through the Storm (Paperback)

Author Michael Agnew

SKU: 9781953495457

Book - Paperback

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A collection of honest, conversational poems, Through the Storm explores the place where faith and fear meet. It will inspire you to find your voice and dream bigger than you ever thought possible.

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Through this collection of authentic, conversational poetry, poet Michael Agnew vulnerably shares his story through the highs and lows of life, touching on themes such as insecurity and identity, weakness and wounding, healing and hope. With a refreshing candor, Agnew explores the place where faith and fear meet and invites you to honestly share your story with God and your uniqueness with the world.

With the message that every voice matters and that life’s storms can ultimately become our biggest strength, Through the Storm will inspire you to step out into the unknown, face your fears, and dream bigger than you ever thought possible.

“I believe that poetry can change the world, and I believe that together we can change the world. Because whenever we take the emotions and the feelings that are inside of us and express them by creating poetry, it allows others who have experienced similar emotional journeys to connect with these experiences in powerful ways.” - Michael Agnew