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  • 9781953495471 2d cvr

The Journal

An Unlikely Encounter With Jesus

Authors: Nancy KurkowskiJimmy Decker

SKU: 978-1-953495-47-1

Book - Paperback

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See the Easter story with new eyes — through the lens of an unexpected witness

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Nancy Kurkowski and Jimmy Decker have written a delightful and imaginative book that allows its readers to feel intimately connected to the story of Jesus. The storytelling invites you into the time and place of Christ's earthly ministry and creatively gives insight into the teachings of Jesus. This book is a blessing.

Steve Park
Steve Park
Founder and Executive Director Little Lights Urban Ministries

The Journal is a fantastically creative, innovative read at any time of the year, but especially during Holy Week! Nancy and Jimmy have beautifully blended a fictional narrative with Biblical accounts and truths which allow the reader the opportunity to interact with the book in a devotional way. I was immediately drawn into the story as if it were my own journey! A great read for individuals or to use for group study about Jesus.

Candace Winslow
Candace Winslow
Executive Director, The Storehouse of Collin County


What if a new manuscript was discovered about Jesus’s life on earth – this time, in the form of a journal written by a woman who unexpectedly found herself with a front-row seat to Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection? The Journal is an imaginative account of what it might have been like to witness the ministry of Jesus as an average person during that time in history. It will inspire you to put yourself in the shoes of those who witnessed the greatest miracle of all time and ask how your life might be different if you had walked with Jesus.

Includes a Study Guide.