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Telos, Greater Things, & Rings of Fire Bundle (Paperback)

Authors: Len WilsonLeonard Sweet

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The end has indeed begun – but it is not the special effects explosion many of us imagine. For too long, we’ve gotten the end wrong, which leads to poor decisions with dead-end consequences. To live a better Christian story, we need a better vision of the end.

Telos argues for a new way of looking at the end: as the culmination of God’s grand story. It introduces Jesus’ most important word in describing the end: the Greek word telos. Telos is the rhythm of human history; the presence of God; the plot, purpose, and completion of the story. The end is the kingdom of God, and the kingdom is here and now.

In the book, Rev. Dr. Leonard Sweet and Dr. Len Wilson challenge six false endings playing out in the world today, which result in tragedy and despair. Through an examination of cultural and philosophical trends converging in today’s chaotic times, Sweet and Wilson show how many of the problems plaguing American Christianity are rooted in bad theology and offer a better definition of God’s kingdom: the present reality of the presence of God that gives us hope for today and tomorrow.

Greater Things

Greater Things offers both a thought-provoking exploration of the theological and philosophical history of innovation and a practical new vision for how Christians can be creators of change in the world – the kind of innovation our culture desperately needs.

Pulling from the stories of great Christian changemakers throughout history, Dr. Len Wilson proposes a six-step blueprint for Spirit-fueled innovation, helping you discover how you can be part of creating and cultivating authentic flourishing for all, now and for eternity.

For the leader looking for a new vision of faith and culture, who wants to understand how you can use your influence, resources and work for more, this book will help you understand how you can partner with what God is doing to bring hope to the world.

Rings of Fire

What Lies Ahead for Christians around the World?

If you follow the works of bestselling authors Malcolm Gladwell, Faith Popcorn, Daniel Pink, and other trend forecasters, you’ll appreciate learning about over 25 rings of fire that lie ahead for Christians around the world.

Len Sweet once again maps the future for the church in this sweeping survey of the twenty-first century. In the face of eruptive and disruptive culture changes from economics and communications to bioethics and beyond, how do we fight fire with fire, not only catching up to our culture but leading our friends and neighbors toward the feet of Christ? No one has done more to startle the church from its slumber than Len Sweet, and no one has equipped the church as effectively. This is a benchmark book from a seminal leader of the modern evangelical movement.

Mark Chironna provides incisive questions to stimulate creative thinking for individual or group study and an afterword that ties Len’s expansive work together and sets us on the right course for decades to come.