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Painting with Ashes Sermon Series

Lent: A Season to Paint with Ashes

Author Michael Adam Beck

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We are a society in ashes. Yet our grief goes unobserved. We try to carry on as if everything is "normal." Grief needs to be observed, named, and articulated among a community of people who share a common life. There, in a social environment that is safe, accessible, and real, trauma and loss can be dealt with honestly and creatively. This is the power of communal lament. In this way, the liturgical season of Lent is a gift to us. Use this sermon series to help leader your people through a time of ashes.


This sermon guide (delivered via PDF) is designed to be used during the season of Lent, with the lectionary scriptures, but it’s not limited to that purpose. It is part of a bundle of resources that are meant to work together:

• Painting with Ashes: When Your Weakness Becomes Your Superpower the book.
• Wound Inventory: take this online assessment before you begin this guide.
• Wounded Healer Grid: a framework to help move from loss to flourishing.
• Video Reflections: a brief reflection on the core ideas from the book are included each week.

The Sermon Series guide is designed for pastors and congregations who want to lead your people through a journey of grief and into healing. The series consists of seven sermon outlines, with key points, and group discussion questions. Each week also has a link to a Painting with Ashes video.

What if there is a wounded healer who longs to hold us in our tears? What if there is a way we can observe our grief together in an environment of grace? What if there is a healing community, where a weeping world can come to find wholeness? These are the considerations of the journey of this guidebook.

Let’s paint with ashes!