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Come Alive: Ruth, Esther, & Jonah (ePUB)

Conversations with Scripture

Author Talbot Davis

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Discover the grit, wit, and wisdom of Ruth, Esther, and Jonah as you read these beloved Bible stories with fresh eyes.  Recognize God’s goodness even when you feel powerless, forgotten, or hopeless. Learn to spot Him working behind the scenes in all seasons of life.


Ruth, Esther, and Jonah are some of our most loved Bible stories – the tales of many childhoods, the content of Sunday School felt boards.

But there is more to these famous Bible stories than meets the eye. When read through a grown-up lens, we discover they’re far grittier, wittier, and wiser than expected.

Come Alive: Ruth, Esther, and Jonah will help you uncover what is really happening in these stories – the real, the raw, and the at times shocking details – and their significance in the larger narrative of Scripture. You will see that:

  • Ruth is not an ancient romance novel.
  • Esther isn’t a sweet story about kings and queens.
  • Jonah is a lot more than a big fish story.

And because of this, they have much to say about the subtle, redemptive ways God intersects with our lives today.

Beloved by the people of Israel long before they were beloved by us, these cultural stories hold deep theological truths about God at work behind the scenes in the lives of ordinary people and less-than-ideal circumstances – revealing His all-encompassing love for humanity and His goodness, even when we feel powerless, forgotten, or hopeless.

The entertaining and expert storytelling in these books is an invitation to set aside the temptation to read the Bible as a “how to” book and start reading it literarily, with all its drama, humor, and brilliance. When you do, you will find universal truths and timeless nuggets of wisdom that help you perceive God in the hidden places and live with more hope in the face of tragedy, injustice, and failure.