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Astonished by the Word (ePUB)

Reading Scripture for Deep Transformation

Author Brian Russell

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How many times have you been told to “read your Bible more,” but not seen transformation in the process? Does the Bible just tell you how to believe and behave, or can it help you actually become more Christlike?


We all come to Scripture with biases, blocks, and assumptions that can lead us to read our own interpretations into it, use it to justify our beliefs, or even weaponize it against others. But God invites us into a more exciting journey with His Word, one that reveals what’s going on in our own hearts and invites us into deep soul transformation.

Astonished by the Word recaptures an ancient way of engaging with Scripture that takes you beyond knowledge to whole-life transformation and a greater love of God and neighbor. Using the Idolatherapy tool – an experiential method that combines biblical studies with spiritual direction and contemplative practice – you will learn how to move from reading the text to allowing Scripture to read you, changing you from the inside out.

Discover how reading the Bible can bring you inner healing, help you understand yourself and God better, and become a more loving person as you walk through the world.

Astonished by the Word is a blueprint for:

  • Approaching Scripture with fresh eyes and ears
  • Understanding who God is and how Scripture is authoritative in today’s modern world
  • Identifying and overcoming your biases and blocks when approaching the text
  • Finding inner healing and transformation through your reading of Scripture
  • Learning how to integrate powerful ancient practices like Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina into your Bible reading
  • Growing in love of God and neighbor by reading the Bible


You’re invited to bring your whole self to the Bible: your curiosity, questions, intellect, doubts, fears, and hopes. Be amazed and energized by the Bible again, as you open yourself up to its transformative power and allow it to heal your body, mind, soul, and spirit.