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The Five Congregational Personality Types

An Ancient Pathway for Congregational Renewal in the 21st Century

Author Michael Adam Beck

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 - Paperback

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Which of the 5 congregational personality types is your congregation? The answer will change everything about how you lead, grow, and empower your church to thrive in the 21st century.

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In his latest book, The Five Congregational Personality Types: An Ancient Pathway for Congregational Renewal in the 21st Century, professor, pastor, and practitioner, Michael Adam Beck, offers a biblical understanding of congregational personality types, and how the embodiment of these “personality types” may help or hinder a congregation’s future. According to Pastor Beck the pathway forward is for congregational leaders to begin the ancient and sacred journey of listening, learning, and loving, to ultimately take on the personality of Jesus.

Bishop Daniel G. Beaudoin
Bishop Daniel G. Beaudoin
Northwestern Ohio Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rev. Dr. Michael Beck has already proven he is one of our lead writers and practitioners when it comes to creating fresh expressions of ministry and igniting church renewal in the 21st century. Infused with practical experience and scholarly wisdom, this book offers new perspectives and helpful insights for understanding the multi-dimensional contexts of congregational life and leadership. Michael provides a pathway to help congregations get unstuck, to rebuild and reorient themselves towards greater vitality and renewal.

Bishop Tracy S. Malone
Bishop Tracy S. Malone
Resident Bishop of the Ohio East Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church

Michael Beck has once again delivered a navigation tool that enables congregations and pastors to find our way into, out of, and through this thing called “church.” The matrix of church and pastor “personality types” provides a playground for relational adventuring that has the potential to bring everyone onto the same team. This essential resource is a GPS system enabling church teams to discover who they are, map out where to go, and provide multiple routes to get there. Every church needs to experience this process!

Rev. Rob Hutchinson
Rev. Rob Hutchinson
Director of Church Development, Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church


Missional innovator, pastor, and church renovator, Michael Beck, says they can.

But the old cookie cutter ways of doing church won’t cut it in today’s world. If churches are going to stop the shocking rates of pastoral burnout and exodus from the pews, they must understand that every church has a distinct personality type, which can keep it stuck or propel it into maturity, depending on how it’s used.

Now, for the first time in history, you can understand and leverage your congregation’sculture and personality using the groundbreaking 5 Congregational Personality Types™model. Based on proven methods from psychology and ministry archetypes in Scripture, The Five Congregational Personality Types will help you unearth:

  • Which of the five congregational personality types your church is
  • Your congregation’s unique culture and how to nurture your church’s strengths
  • The “shadow side,” or weak point, of your congregation’s personality type – and how you can transform this into a strength
  • Your #1 strategy for growth and clear next steps to take

Get The Five Congregational Personality Types and discover exactly what to do next to grow your church in the 21st century.