Invite Partners

Our upcoming innovative Invite Partners program is designed to maximize win-win scenarios to expand the reach of the people and institutions with whom we do the work of ministry. To learn more about Invite Partners, contact us here.


Are you a church that sells books, non-profit ministry, or denomination?

Are you an independent bookstore looking for wholesale options?

Are you looking to place a bulk order for an event, signing, or giveaway?

For answers to your questions and all business to business sales, click here to visit our Bookseller Resources page.

Academic and Library Partners

Are you looking to make an Invite Press book available in academic and/or library settings? Click here to learn about our relationship with Vital Source, or contact us to set up your own partnership.


A permissions agreement is required to reprint or reproduce material from Invite Press  books. We accept permissions requests through email only. We do not accept requests by mail. To find out more, including how to submit a permissions request, contact Stephen Graham-Ching at

Subsidiary Rights

Invite Resources partners with Riggins Rights Management to create subsidiary rights agreements for all foreign language publication rights, worldwide, as well as audio, television, motion picture (including props/set dressing), radio, electronic reproduction, and other formats.

To find out more, visit our Riggins Rights page here.