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Stop stealing your peace and start experiencing true joy at the holidays

This funny, hopeful, and heartwarming guide will help you stop sabotaging your own joy and replace worry with hope, conflict with peace, and selfishness with love this Christmas.

You want to have a good Christmas. Really, you do. But every year, something steals your joy. Could that something be you?

At Christmas, there’s lots of talk about comfort and joy…but the reality of the season is often less-than-jolly.

The holidays have a way of underscoring grief, magnifying divisions, and creating chaos in the fragile balance of our busy lives.

Forget peace on earth — you just want some peace at your dinner table.

Is there anything you can do to make Christmas all you wish it could be?

How (Not) to Ruin Christmas is a funny, hopeful, and heartwarming guide that will help you replace worry with hope, conflict with peace, misery with joy, and selfishness with love, even in the chaos of the holiday season.

Through humorous personal tales and the unedited, messy story of the first Christmas, you will discover that Christmas was never about the absence of pain and struggle but about God’s light piercing the darkness – a light that still shines in our lives, 365 days a year.

Without adding one more thing to your to-do list, How (Not) to Ruin Christmas will inspire you to shift your perspective, reclaim the wonder of the season, and experience Christmas like you never have before…from the inside out.

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Dan Metzger

Dan Metzger is the Senior Pastor of St. Marks United Methodist Church in Findlay, Ohio. After receiving his Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary, Dan began serving churches throughout west Ohio. Dan and his wife Holly have three amazing daughters: Adelyn, Renee, and Emilia. Dan is passionate about helping people find and tell their own stories of life change through Jesus.



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As Christians, we often bemoan the commercialization of Christmas, and yet we are not exempt from the added stress the season brings. Through personal and honest storytelling mixed with the Biblical story of Christmas, Dan invites us to return to the simple yet powerful message of the tiny child in a manger.

Jason Wellman
Jason Wellman
Senior Pastor, Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church, Professor of Ministry Leadership, Portland Seminary


How (Not) to Ruin Christmas offers a fresh perspective on one of our culture's most oft-told stories. It challenges our common assumptions about the holiday season and reimagines how we can experience true joy each Christmas.

Brent C. Sleasman, Ph.D
Brent C. Sleasman, Ph.D
President of Winebrenner Theological Seminary

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the prices are rising, the family is fighting, a meltdown is near.

‘Tis the season…again.

But could this finally be the year that’s different…the one where you have a truly merry Christmas?

How to Ruin Your Christmas is a tongue-in-cheek examination of why we so often experience the opposite of what we want to feel at the holidays and a guide to help you quit sabotaging your Christmas and begin feeling peace, hope, love, and joy in an authentic way.

As you see where Jesus’s birth intersects with your real life, you will:

Stop stealing your peace and start experiencing true joy at the holidays

Stop losing your cheer

No one tries to ruin their Christmas, but we all unconsciously do things that steal our peace and joy. Learn how to stop adding coal to your stocking and connect back to what really matters.

Stop stealing your peace and start experiencing true joy at the holidays

Find hope in the midst of pain

Christmas isn’t about forgetting our problems; instead, it’s about God entering into them in a world-changing way. Discover the real, raw Christmas story that gives us hope even when life is tough.

Stop stealing your peace and start experiencing true joy at the holidays

Make Christmas mean a little bit more

When you understand that God is really, actually with us, you won’t just experience peace, joy, and love at Christmas…you will experience them all year long.

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Put Christmas back on the nice list this year.

Discover how to actually enjoy your Christmas (even if life isn’t wrapped up in a nice little bow) and experience more joy this holiday season.

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