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The perfect parent for your child is YOU!

An authentic, inspiring, and humorous look at parenting, Parenting with Perspective will help you gain confidence in who you are as a parent, find more grace for yourself, and remind you that you are enough exactly as you are.

When it comes to parenting, it seems like everyone is an expert. But the messy, joyful day-to-day of parenting rarely fits into the box of "how to" books and academic insights. Instead of advice that leaves you feeling more inadequate and alone what parents really need is support, connection, and hope as you uniquely parent your beautifully unique child.

Parenting with Perspective is an authentic, inspiring, and humorous look at parenting written by an educator, minister, and mother who has been exactly where you are. Filled with relatable stories from other parents, grounding Scriptures, centering prayers, and tools for different stages of your parenting journey, Parenting with Perspective will give you the fresh perspective you need when you want to give up and be a touchstone when you need to know you're not alone. 

Gain confidence in who you are as a parent, embrace the uniqueness of your journey, and find more compassion and grace for yourself, knowing that the perfect parent for your child is YOU!

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Kim Meyers

Kim is known for her way with connecting with people, which has served her well in the local church for fourteen years. Previously, she was an educator. She holds a B.S. in Deaf Education and Language Development from Stephen F. Austin University and a Master of Arts in Ministry in Christian Education fro Perkins School of Theology. In addition, she has specialized training in Behavior Management Skills, which has also served her well in the local church. She is the proud caretaker of one husband (21 years), two children (15 and 17), and two dogs.


Parenting with Perspective Reviews

What people
are saying…

Parenting with Perspective is the bet friend a parent can have for the ages, stages, and situations of being a parent. Kim Meyers gives us the gifts of her down-to-earth, honest, and spot- on expertise with her 'I am with you in this' style.

Terry Parsons
PhD., D. Min. Marriage and Family Therapist

When I read this book, I kept thinking of how much I had needed a book just like this when my kids were younger - a book that named my fear of not being 'enough' for this huge job of parenting and that reassured me that I could do it!

Leanne Hadley
M.Div., D.Min. Pastor, Christ Church United Methodist, Louisville, KY

Pastor Kim Meyers rightly describes parenting as imperfect people seeking shades of perfection in themselves and their children. I recommend this book to all parents.

Lael C. Melville
M.Div., Ph.D., CEO at The Randolph W. and Dr. Lael C. Melville Family Foundation

Don't worry: this isn't another "how to" book.

Everyone wants to be a good parent, and we often wish for a manual or formula to follow. But the reality is that parenting is a path you forge - and your parenting journey is going to look different from anyone else's because you and your child are unique.

Through teaching special education, serving as a family minister, and messily and joyfully parenting her own children, Kim Meyers has seen it all and learned a few things along the way. Parenting with Perspective blends Kim's wisdom, faith, and fresh perspective to give you:

The perfect parent for your child is YOU!

An honest look at parenting

In a world of experts, few of us want to admit when we’re struggling. This leaves us feeling alone and like we’re not enough. Parenting with Perspective is a place to get honest about the fear, joy, frustration, and fun of parenting and recognize you are doing just fine.

The perfect parent for your child is YOU!

A resource for all life stages

From the newborn days to the teenage years and beyond, get ideas for different stages of child development and learn to embrace uncertainty, let go, and trust the process.

The perfect parent for your child is YOU!

A friend you can turn to again and again

Each chapter, story, and prayer stands on its own so you can return to Parenting with Perspective through different life stages, tough moments, and days you need a friend to remind you you’re not alone.

Gain perspective on: who you are as a parent, self-care, parenting with emotional intelligence, how to not sweat the small stuff, when your child messes up, when you mess up, giving your child space to grow, when your child's dreams are different from yours and so much more.

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It's time to remember how amazing and special you are as a parent.

Zoom out from the day-to-day messes and hidden stresses of parenting and see the bigger picture – that God has chosen you to be a parent to your child, and you are enough. Order PARENTING WITH PERSPECTIVE today.

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