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Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

Kingdom Moments and Movements will help you see divine sparks everywhere you look, so you can savor each day, say “yes” to God-sent moments, and truly live life to the fullest— without regret and connected to your Kingdom purpose.

Do you rush from one day to the next, barely stopping to enjoy the goodness of God in your life?

Do you want to believe your life matters…but if you’re honest, you feel like God has forgotten about you?

Do you ever feel like you’ve blown it — like you’ve missed your moment or messed up God’s plan? 

Kingdom Moments and Movements is your guide to tracing the hand of God at work in each moment of your life — the everyday moments and the life-defining ones, the good ones and the bad. 

As you learn how to pay attention to the invitations of God intersecting with your day-to-day life, you will gain a fresh perspective on the significance of your life and develop the discernment to:

  • Map Your Past: Pause to notice God’s gracious presence in your past, helping you connect the dots of your story, be reassured that nothing has happened by accident, and release shame, fear, and regret around missed opportunities.
  • Maximize Today and Tomorrow: Tune into the ways the Kingdom intersects with your everyday life, so you can uncover your purpose, maximize your moments, and turn them into movements of God.

Whether you’re in a transformational moment — those turning points that change everything — or the rhythms of going to work and raising a family, Kingdom Moments and Movements will help you see divine sparks everywhere you look, so you can savor each day, say “yes” to God-sent moments, and truly live life to the fullest — without regret and connected to your Kingdom purpose.

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moments cvr 2d

Robert Glenn Johnson

Robert Glenn Johnson is a highly committed pastor with over 25 years of pastoral leadership experience in a variety of ministry contexts: rural, urban, suburban, new church plant, transitional, mega-church, small church, cross-cultural, campus ministry, and dual appointments. He is noted for this exceptional commitment and effectiveness in leadership development, team-building, organizational development, vision-casting, evangelism, community service, preaching, teaching, recruiting young leaders, worship planning, prayer ministry development, and equipping the saints for ministry.  

​A respected preacher with the ability to preach and speak in diverse contexts, Rev. Johnson seeks to find new, relevant ways to communicate across racial, educational, cultural, and generational boundaries. His personal passions include prayer, worship, community building (from small groups to geographical areas), evangelism, cultivating the arts in the local church, cultivating academic & intellectual inquiry in the local church, and practicing radical hospitality towards marginalized and alienated groups.  

Robert has been the pastor of Saint Mark United Methodist Church since August 1, 2016. Rev. Johnson resides in Wichita, KS, and is married to Linda Y. Johnson, a financial manager with Shell Oil. They have two daughters, Giselle and Kayla.


Rev. Johnson received his undergraduate degree in psychology, with a minor in philosophy and religion, at the University of Southern Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, MS. While attending USM, he joined Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc., the nation’s oldest Black Greek organization.  During his undergraduate studies, Rev. Johnson joined the United Methodist Church, and began the ministry candidacy process at St. Paul UMC in Laurel, MS, where he also served as student intern during his final two years of undergraduate studies. 

Rev. Johnson began did graduate work at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, earning his Master of Divinity degree in May, 1994, graduating with high honors (magna cum laude). He was awarded the Flinn Award from Perkins, given each year to the student whom the faculty feels best represents the school’s emphasis on both practical ministry and excellence in scholarship. Rev. Johnson was ordained a deacon and probationary member of the Texas Conference in June of 1994, and ordained as an elder in the same conference in June of 1996.

​Ministry Experience

In June, 1993, while still a full-time student at Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, TX, Rev. Johnson began as the full-time pastor of Disciples UMC in Houston, TX, a small, dying congregation that had been undergoing a racial transition consistent with the changes in the racial demographic of the surrounding community.  Under Rev. Johnson’s 3-year leadership, one of which was served simultaneous to his serving as the full time Director of the Wesley Foundation at Texas Southern University. 

In June of 1997, Rev. Johnson was appointed to serve as the senior associate pastor of Windsor Village UMC, which was, at that time, the largest United Methodist Church in the world.  Serving under the dynamic leadership of Kirbyjon Caldwell, Rev. Johnson had the duties of hiring new staff, managing staff, managing budgets, preaching at least twice a weekend at one of Windsor Village’s 6 worship services, and serving as the executive leader of Windsor Village’s national leadership development conference.  In June of 2007, Rev. Johnson was appointed to serve as the planting pastor of NewWorld UMC, a church which closed in 2014 due to financial challenges, but in its 7 years of existence, led several hundred people to profession of faith, and led several hundred people into mature discipleship. 

Prior to his present position, Rev. Johnson was pastor of Aldersgate United Methodist Church, predominantly Anglo congregation in College Station, TX, where, in just 1.5 years, he helped the church experience a turnaround from years of decline in membership and attendance. The turnaround was marked by a burst of growth in the presence of young adults and young families.  Several young adults embraced their call into the ministry candidacy process while serving under Pastor Johnson’s leadership.  Already a diverse congregation before Pastor Johnson’s arrival, Aldersgate continued to evolved into becoming one of the most racially and economically diverse congregations in the United Methodist Church. 

Rev. Johnson served two terms on the Texas Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, was trained in the Discipleship Ministries’ Path1 Coaching curriculum, and served as consulting editor of Abingdon’s New Interpreter’s Bible Dictionary.  He has served as a mentor to boys in the Alief School District of Houston, TX, and served for 5 years as an instructor in the Texas Conference’s Local Pastor’s School. 



What people are saying...

Pastor Robert Johnson is a remarkable man who preaches the word of God in a way that touches lives and inspires hope in others. His book Kingdom Moments and Movements will give the reader a sense of his love of God and how he cherishes God's people. Robert's pastoral gift with words is both momentous and moving.

Darryl Burton
Darryl Burton
Connection & Care Pastor, Leawood Campus, Resurrection, A United Methodist Church

Kingdom Moments and Movements is an engaging book filled with stories of everlasting grace, extravagant generosity, and extraordinary love - all things that directly reflect the values my Dad has instilled in me for my entire life. The book embodies his raw, authentic spiritual journey with Christ by inspiring people to not miss the little moments and to dream big, every day.

Kayla Johnson
daughter of author

Kingdom Moments and Movements, an exciting and soul stirring read, challenges the reader to pay attention and live life guided by and encouraged by God! Through the telling of his own life experiences, Pastor Robert helps the reader to not only look for kingdom moments in their personal and professional life, but also encourages them to not stop there but expand into kingdom movement building! Thank you for the encouragement to pay attention and be about God’s Work in our lives!

Cheryl Jefferson Bell
Pastor of Community Justice, Resurrection, A United Methodist Church

After reading Kingdom Moments and Movements, I'm even more convinced to live in the present! This book is a must read!! It teaches us how to be present and learn from instances that may appear routine or insignificant. Even the small moments can move us further along in our Kingdom calling. Great job, Robert! Thank you for the reminder that every day and MOMENT counts.

Linda Y. Johnson,
Finance Manager

I strongly recommend Robert Johnson's Kingdom Moments and Movements to anyone who yearns to lead a life of intent and impactful action. This book goes beyond surface-level Christian teachings and offers universal lessons that resonate with a broad audience. It is a poignant reminder that every moment holds the potential to bring about significant change, both within ourselves and in the world around us. The book's message is powerful, and its truths have affirmed my experiences. I endorse this impactful work with great conviction to all who aspire to a life marked by significant and transformative moments.

Rosario Picardo
Rosario Picardo
pastor, speaker, author, Mosaic Church

Life is a lot, isn't it? Rev. Robert Johnson has written the book we need to ensure we don't miss God's moments and movements in the midst of everything competing for our attention.

David Swanson
David Swanson
author of Rediscipling the White Church: From Cheap Diversity to True Solidarity

Logos is best translated, some scholars say, not as Word but as Meaning. Robert Johnson beautifully demonstrates the power of a moment to bring Logos to life and become moments of meaning. He has a keen eye for the particular, for the meme, memento or moment which serves as a passport to the universal. For Johnson objects are not mere objects, but swim within the stream of life and, like living beings, have an emotional charge or tone that brings meaning to us. A provocative, life-changing book.

Leonard Sweet
Leonard Sweet
best-selling author, professor, preacher, publisher.

Insightful, powerful, and impactful! This awesome book is from the heart of a passionate author, pastor, social justice activist, and friend about the significance of believing and trusting the moments of life. Robert Johnson challenges readers of this must have book to live in their moments. Moments are the heartbeat of life! Moments are God’s fresh anointing to move each reader to experience greatness in their reality that impacts families, communities, and global societies. Your moment is now! Read this book, breathe and get moving!

Cheryl Stevenson
Ministry Strategist, Saint Mark United Methodist Church, Wichita, KS

This book goes beyond just being Christian. It focuses on how just one God-timed moment could change one’s destiny. But to catch the moment, you have to be paying attention. Pastor Robert Johnson has given us the best advice one could ever receive, a reference to be used through all stages of life. Slow down, pay attention - a challenge we should adhere to in order to not only change our personal destinies, but to impact the lives, church and world around us.

Giselle Johnson-Morris
proud daughter and lover of Jesus

In churches across the country, there's a growing sense that a transformation is in the air. But how do we name and claim this invitation in a real way? Rev. Johnson provides exactly the kind of framework and spiritual grounding for this moment that Christians are seeking today. His insights are practical and accessible for every reader, opening up deep Biblical conversations while also providing guidance for real life application. His step-by-step process illuminates the challenges we are living through today in a way that will help churches, as well as individual readers, listen for God's message to them in an entirely new and profound way. I recommend this resource for church groups and leadership teams discerning a more faithful future together. It's also an amazing, user-friendly guide for individuals who want to make more room in their hearts and in their lives for the Holy Spirit to lead the way.

Rachael R. Pryor
Rachael R. Pryor
Board Member, Kansas Interfaith Action, Associate Conference Minister, Kansas-Oklahoma Conference, United Church of Christ

Robert's passion to see people live out God's call is evident in his pastoral ministry, as well as in the pages of this book. We would all do well to heed Johnson's call to make the most of the opportunities that God sends our way! This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to make the most of God's work in their lives!

Kyle Kachelmeier
The Journey Church, Wichita KS

Robert Johnson captures the power of catalytic moments that carry with them the potential to transform our lives, churches, and culture. Johnson demonstrates the power of moments in key events in Scripture, in cultural-shifting events like the Civil Rights Movement, and in the stories of ordinary people. He makes a compelling case for how monumental moments turn into transformative movements that drive human progress. Kingdom Moments and Movements offers both the practices and inspiration to get there! I highly recommend this book.

Derek Vreeland
Derek Vreeland
Discipleship Pastor at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri

Kingdom Moments and Movements causes one to reflect upon their purpose and spiritual journeys to ask, “What is most important in my life and how do I allow God to direct my paths with family, the church, loved ones and more?” This book will help the reader to examine the discernment process and draw in others at the same time. I appreciated the themes of moments and movements that link to purpose and scripture in this book. It is a well written text for self-directed study that can change your purpose in life.

David Wilson
David Wilson
Bishop, Great Plains Annual Conference, United Methodist Church

There are moments in life, some great and some small, when God beckons us to participate in his kingdom work in surprising ways. We often miss these moments, failing to recognize them, or lacking the courage or foresight to say “yes.”  In Kingdom Moments and Movements, Robert Johnson offers an inspiring and practical guide for individuals and churches to seize these moments and in so doing, to experience, in St. Paul’s words, “the life that really is life”!

Adam Hamilton
Adam Hamilton
Senior Pastor at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, author of Wrestling with Doubt, Finding Faith

“Life is short.” How does that statement make you feel? Afraid of death? Rushed and hurried to accomplish all you want? Afraid of missing out? Afraid that you’ve already missed it?

Living every day like it’s your last can lead to discouragement, depression, busyness, and burnout.

What if, instead, you could learn to live every day as if it was your first, tuned into the presence of God in the present moment and ready to embrace today with wonder, anticipation, excitement, and hope?

Kingdom Moments and Movements will help you maximize your life by learning to discern the sparks of heaven and voice of God in every moment. As you map God’s gracious movements in your story, you will:

Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

Spot God at work in the most unexpected places

Discover how to discern Kingdom moments in the face of resistance, conflict, challenges, and pain.

Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

Gain new perspective on your failures

Maybe you didn’t miss the moment – maybe you just misinterpreted it. Learn to see God even in regret and missed opportunities.

Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

Find freedom from fear

Instead of viewing God’s plan as a rigid script to follow, embrace it as a moment-by-moment journey with God.

Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

Notice divine moments everywhere

Replace hurriedness with presence and savor God’s goodness in your life.

Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

See how your story is connected to others

Be inspired by others who have changed the world by saying “yes” to God-sent moments and ground your story in the collective work of God.

Pay attention to the divine sparks in your everyday moments. Live with more presence and purpose.

Discern what action to take

Turn a moment into a movement, sowing into the ripe moments and reaping what God has for you.

moments cvr 2d

Seize every God-sent moment.

Your guide to mapping God’s gracious moments in your life and story.

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