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Invite Curriculum aims to provide quality, accesible materials for leaders and laypersons alike to share [WHAT??]  with those in their communities. These materials range from personal assessmernts and study guides for individuals and small groups to masterclasses and leader kits with all the tools necessary to empower leaders to develop powerful sermon series. 


Books for Individual Study and Small Groups

Invite Curriculum

Present Comfort

Present Comfort is for those who have sustained a profound loss and for those who are at a loss to understand the range of emotions specific to grief. The unique perspective of each meditation is that God is present in every circumstance of life, at work in the world to give us victory over loss, destruction, death, and grief. Present Comfort offers assurance, encouragement, and spiritual insight for those who grieve, and context for those who desire to share in the heart and language of grief. The hope is that Present Comfort will inspire a deeper faith that in each whisper of comfort, there is the presence of God.

Invite Curriculum

Painting with Ashes

From drug dealer to pastor on a mission to bring “church to the wild,” Michael Beck’s raw and powerful story of recovery and healing will help you see faith through fresh eyes and discover how God can transform your weakness into your superpower.

Invite Curriculum

Beyond the Broken Heart (10th Anniversary Edition)

Beyond the Broken Heart – A Journey Through Grief is a dual-purpose resource. It is well-suited for anyone who has lost a loved one to death – a family member, child, friend, or spouse - who prefers to grieve alone or is unable to participate in a group. It is also the Participant Book for the grief group program.

Kits and Guides

goodnewsbox book 1That's Good News! Kit with book

by Shane L. Bishop

The Kit includes:

  • One paperback copy of the CORE BOOKThat’s Good News! by Shane L. Bishop
  • One digital (EPUB) copy of the CORE BOOKThat’s Good News! by Shane L. Bishop
  • The START HERE! guide, which outlines the exact game plan on what to do, in a scalable form to fit your church’s unique size and context
  • A four week modifiable evangelism SERMON SERIES inside the Start Here! guide
  • The small group LEADER GUIDE for diving into That’s Good News! in a small group setting
  • A little white BUSINESS CARD that instructs you on how to join a special That’s Good News! Facebook group and share best practices from other churches doing the same thing
  • A card on SEVEN SIMPLE RULES ABOUT EVANGELISM, offering basic instructions and pointers about how an evangelism movement works
  • A simple card to share with everyone in your congregation, teaching and encouraging them on HOW TO SHARE THE GOOD NEWS, with a digital file for printing copies
  • A 15-MINUTE PHONE CALL from the author, Shane Bishop, on how to implement the campaign at your church
  • A personalized WELCOME VIDEO from Shane to your church
  • DIGITAL ASSETS for promoting the campaign to your church and community
  • That’s Good News! BOOKMARK
  • Information on discounts for buying bulk copies of the book

… And a card with a full list of contents, all packaged in a cool box!

studyguide cvr 2d 1The Journal Small Group Guide

by Jimmy Decker & Nancy Kurkowski

See the Easter story with new eyes — through the lens of an unexpected witness.


studyguide cvr cvr 2d png 1 1Everybody Needs Some Cave Time Sermon Series & Smal Group Guide

by Jorge Acevedo

Throughout the Bible, caves were places of hiding. Often people went to these caves to hide from what Paul called “battles on the outside and fear on the inside” (2 Corinthians 7:5). In this seven-week series, we will look at seven biblical “caves” and the persons who hide in them. The truth is that everybody needs some cave time, and God does some of his best work in them.


Masterclasses and Videos

Church in the Wild: Evangelism, Discipleship, and Church Planting for the 21st Century

by Michael Beck

Get equipped with everything you need to start your own “church in the wild”. This online masterclass course includes a full step by step guide to church planting for the 2020s, with real world lessons learned and best practices from a pioneer on the missional frontier, Dr. Michael Adam Beck.

“Churches in the Wild” are fresh expressions of church, or forms of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. They come into being through principles of listening, service, incarnational mission and making disciples. 

This masterclass will empower both leaders and teams, the “priesthood of all believers,” to be unleashed in new ways to join the Holy Spirit’s work of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. During the course you will learn practical skills and competencies everyday churches are using to become a movement that reaches new people, from one of the most experienced practitioners in the world.

9781953495204 cvr 2dBeyond the Broken Heart Video Bundle

by Juile Yarbrough

Beyond the Broken Heart – A Journey Through Grief Streaming Videos is the third component of the Beyond the Broken Heart grief group program. Each video segment is 10-12 minutes long and introduces each Session topic. The videos highlight the experience of working through the study by:

  • Rich graphics that draw participants into the moment and highlight key points of each Session.

  • Participants hearing directly from the author, Julie Yarbrough, who shares her own experience of struggle and growth through grief.