Get personalized coaching and support to take your hybrid worship to the next level

The next Both/And Cohort starts April 2023. Doors close March 31st. Claim your spot now!

Reach more people and grow your church through hybrid worship

Online worship is here to stay. How do you move beyond seeing it as a “necessary evil” or pandemic survival strategy and instead embrace hybrid worship as a powerful and meaningful tool for evangelism and discipleship?

Both/And Cohorts are your chance to work directly with worship coach, Jason Moore, and a small group of fellow church leaders to take your hybrid worship to the next level.

Over the course of six months, you’ll develop a vision and strategy for your online church that results in meaningful connection and engagement, transcendent worship experiences, and real discipleship and church growth.

You will walk away with:

  • A clear sense of your “why”
  • A personalized audit of your current online worship service
  • Practical steps to improve your hybrid worship experience
  • An understanding of how to use live chat and technology to create an engaging experience
  • A clear strategy for hospitality, follow up, discipleship, and church growth

The next Both/And Cohort starts in April 2023 and will run through September 2023.

Doors close March 31st! Claim your spot now.

What’s Included

Six 1-hour live group coaching calls with Jason Moore. Calls will take place monthly and will be recorded for those who can’t attend live.

A 1:1 “secret worshiper consultation,” where Jason will evaluate your hybrid worship experience and share his feedback with your team

Two copies of Jason’s best-selling book Both/And

Two Both/And-branded moleskin notebooks for you to record your progress during the six-month process

The support of the other leaders in your cohort (10 churches max per cohort)

Jason Moore

Meet Your Coach, Jason Moore

Known for his pioneering work in collaborative worship design and guest readiness, worship coach and church consultant Jason Moore has devoted 20+ years to resourcing, training, and coaching local churches of all sizes, styles, and means. 

The author of 12 books, Jason has designed worship alongside such leaders as Adam Hamilton, Michael Slaughter, Tony Campolo, Brian McClaren, and Leonard Sweet. He has also led hundreds of seminars and keynote addresses across North America, teaching in 47 states in the USA.

His latest book, Both/And, is a modern field guide for hybrid worship that gives churches a fresh vision and practical know how to turn their online worship into a meaningful, effective form of discipleship and outreach.


Both/And Cohorts Page Reviews

What Other Churches Are Saying

"The Western North Carolina Conference has worked with Jason to establish an effective and fruitful cohort experience. More than 100 churches have engaged in the process. Hybrid ministry is part of our new and ongoing reality, and Jason has developed a proven process that has produced demonstrable progress, tangible shifts within church worship cultures, equipped countless lay and clergy teams, and created many worship participants instead of viewers. It continues to be a valuable investment in our churches."

Rev Rob Hutchinson
Director of Church Development, Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church

The time spent in the cohort with Jason and the other church participants was well worth it! I learned great information regarding how to improve and enhance both our in-person and our online worship. It is important to continue our online worship as I found out when one of our senior citizens, who is shut-in, mentioned something about how grateful she was that she was able to worship with us online and also stay in touch with her church.

Darlene Robinson
Willard UMC, Willard, OH

Our sessions with Jason Moore continue to shape our approach to worship. Best of all was the secret worshiper consultation where we looked closely at a worship service together. Jason has a knack for noticing what could be better and yet leaving the preacher feeling affirmed and appreciated.

Kim Risedorph
San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church, Alamo, CA

Our church’s and my participation in the Both/And cohort was very valuable. Though we were already broadcasting our worship services, we learned to be much more effective and much more inclusive of our whole audience. The result has been very beneficial in that we now have a much broader audience and participation in our worship services.

Rev. George M. Coates
Hickory Grove UMC, Charlotte, NC

During my time with the cohort, I found that pastors, while facing similar problems, used vastly different approaches to address the challenges. Jason Moore is an excellent facilitator and helped us to celebrate small victories and look deeply for new ways to reach people. The cohort process is very collaborative and approachable regardless of where you are as a minister. I highly recommend anyone trying to improve online, in-person, hybrid worship to consider being a part of a cohort.

Rev. Kenny Lee
Marvell UMC, Marvell, AR

Your 6-Month Both/And Journey: What We’ll Cover

Session 1: Getting to Know You

  • Prayer
  • Intros/interviews
  • Goal setting
  • Q&A + mastermind discussion

Session 2: Finding Your Why

  • Prayer
  • Revisit goals
  • Finding your why
  • Paul's hybrid church
  • 12 reasons to double down on hybrid ministry
  • Q&A + mastermind discussion

Session 3: The Practicals of Hybrid Worship: What and How

  • Prayer
  • Revisit goals
  • Share our whys
  • 5 areas of focus for more hybrid engagement
  • Q&A + mastermind discussion

Session 4: Building Your Follow Up Strategy and Discipleship Pathway

  • Prayer
  • Revisit goals
  • Your relational/discipleship pathway and follow up plan
  • Developing a chat strategy
  • Q&A + mastermind discussion

Session 5: Navigating Fatigue and Boosting Morale

  • Prayer
  • Revisit goals
  • Lament and celebration
  • How to tell your whole story
  • Q&A + mastermind discussion

Session 6: Bringing It All Together

  • Prayer
  • Revisit goals
  • How to continue to iterate
  • Final Q&A/mastermind discussion/goodbyes
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Cost: $1,500

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