As the leader of a large church, Ted Bryant frequently found himself asked about the church’s “stance” on a variety of social issues. He often felt pressure to broadcast that stance, regardless of his level of relationship with the listener. Though he cared very much about offering solid biblical teaching, he also felt convicted that some topics were better addressed in the context of relationship.

Feeling stuck between the pressure to speak up and the desire to be welcoming and loving to all, Ted began searching for a clear path forward. He started studying Jesus and how He navigated social dilemmas.

“Was there some sort of pattern or method He used?” Ted wondered.

It turns out there was, and it was exactly what Ted needed to get unstuck and move forward in his relationships, as a pastor and as a father and friend.
The Jesus Method is the result of Ted’s own personal search, and his hope is to walk alongside others as we all navigate this messy middle together.

Ted Bryant, who has most recently served as the Executive Pastor of Adult Ministries for three years, has been selected by the church’s administrative council to step into the role of Lead Pastor of Granger Community Church. Ted and his wife, Angela, and their six kids have been attending Granger Community Church for 18 years. He has served the church, not only as a volunteer, but in several other key staff positions as the Director of Granger Kids and Pastor of Family Ministry for the past nine years.

Ted Bryant earned a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Biophysics from Manchester University, a master’s and PhD. in Cognitive Psychology from Notre Dame University and most recently a Master of Divinity from Moody Theological Seminary. Ted’s passion for seeing the local church continue to be a place of hope and help for the local community is something he carries with him into this new role.


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