Dr. Brian D. Russell (Ph.D.) is an award winning professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Brian is an ordained minister and has served congregations in Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida. He is also the founder of Deep Dive Spirituality (www.deepdivespirituality.com), a group coaching program for pastors seeking to deepen their spiritual formation and grow as ambassadors of God’s abundance for the world. 

He is the author of The Song of the Sea: The Date of Composition and Influence of Exodus 15:1–21 (Peter Lang, 2007), Invitation: A Ten Week Bible Study (Seedbed, 2015), (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World (Cascade Book, 2016), The Psalms: Part I, II, & III (Seedbed, 2016, 2017, and 2018), and Centering Prayer: Sitting Quietly in God’s Presence Can Change Your Life (Paraclete Press, 2021) as well as six quarters of Adult Bible Studies: Teacher (United Methodist Publishing House) and many other curriculum resources, book reviews, blog posts, and scholarly articles. 


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