Composing Your Song

by Jules Glanzer

Leadership is being that results in doing.

Who you are determines how you lead.

How you lead flows from who you are.

The song of our lives and leadership heard over the loudspeakers by those we influence comes from the composition of our sovereign foundations expressed in an array of attitudes, actions, and style. Our personhood is lived out in our persona. The song people hear is our persona which reveals who we are.

Personality, strengths, values, sovereign foundations, events, personal bests, and broken world experiences in life all have shaped us into the persons we are today.

Who we are is expressed with a set of behavioral tendencies, a leadership personality, and a certain style. How a person understands mission, embraces vision, employs strategies, solves problems, sets direction, equips and inspires teams, and approaches planning are all a natural expression of who he or she is.

A leader’s voice, tone, and mood is an expression of his or her inner being. When providing God-honoring, kingdom-seeking, biblically rooted leadership service, the character qualities of integrity, courage, and humility must be sung repetitiously.

Just as the notes C, E, and G form a major chord pleasant to the ear, so integrity, courage, and humility are character qualities that leaders need to tend to when composing the song of their leadership.

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