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The Sports Devotional (Paperback)

30 Days of Encouragement for Following Jesus

Author Bryce T. Johnson

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Book - Paperback

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The Sports Devotional: 30 Days of Encouragement for Following Jesus is a one month devotional journey meant to teach, challenge, and impassion you to follow Jesus and become more like Him. 

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This is a valuable resource for all sports fans to engage in God’s word.

Jason Romano
Jason Romano
Host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast and author of The Uniform of Leadership

With his keen power of analogy, Bryce Johnson draws you into the Word in a way that will not let you go. Sports, family, faith and their intersections are all here, and all for you. Thirty days very well spent.

Talbot Davis
Talbot Davis
Pastor, Good Shepherd Church of Charlotte, and author of the Come Alive series

This is a great resource to work with sports minded students/friends as they embark on a relationship with Jesus. Bryce does an amazing job connecting sports and faith. It was a refreshing take for my own walk with the Lord!

Eric Schafer
Young Life Area Director

What are the connections between March Madness, Super Bowls, NBA Championships, MLS Championships, World Series games, Masters Golf Championships and following Jesus? What can be learned from the likes of Nick Saban, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow, Bill Russell, Tony Bennett, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Matt Stafford, Ray Lewis, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Vick?

Bryce Johnson makes it simple and inspiring as he connects sports personalities and happenings to following Jesus. If you are a sports fan and follow Jesus or just someone who is checking out the connection of faith to sports and life, The Sports Devotional by Bryce Johnson will motivate and inspire you with the great things of life! And Bryce is the real deal. I get the honor and pleasure of being his family’s pastor. They live what they believe.

Ray McKay Hardee
Ray McKay Hardee
Lead Pastor and Cultural Architect, The Pointe Church, Belmont, NC

Bryce's ability to take our love and passion for sports and point it toward God’s love for us is a true blessing. His writings have challenged me to understand my Christian faith better and helped me grow. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn more about Christ’s love or grow in their relationship with Him.

Mike Burch
Mike Burch
Chief Operating Officer, Speedway Motorsports 

Bryce Johnson possesses a keen ability to glean gospel-saturated wisdom from the intersection of two significant interests in his life: being a sports fan and pursuing biblical knowledge. These 30 devos are almost proverbial in that they're easy to read but challenging to live, and his questions at the end of each section are worth meditating on throughout the day. Great to read alone or to discuss with your sport-loving friends or kids, Bryce effectively uses sports stories to remind us that the gospel can be experienced in every corner of our lives—even in our fandom.

Ed Uszynski, PhD
Ed Uszynski, PhD
Athletes in Action staff and author Untangling Critical Race Theory: What Christians Need to Know and Why It Matters


Sports fans are individuals from all walks of life connected by their passion to celebrate, cheer, and experience amazing displays of teamwork and athletic performance from their favorite teams and players.

What if sports fans were even more passionate about Jesus and experiencing Him every day?

The Sports Devotional: 30 Days of Encouragement for Following Jesus is a one month devotional journey meant to teach, challenge, and impassion you to follow Jesus and become more like Him. 

Each day, embark on a journey of reflection, examination, and spiritual growth as we explore how principles and stories from the world of sports parallel following Jesus. Whether you're an armchair quarterback or an athlete seeking spiritual guidance this devotional promises to ignite your passion, renew your spirit, and fortify your resolve. 

In The Sports Devotional, Bryce T. Johnson, President and Founder of UNPACKIN’ it Ministries, discusses stories from almost every major sport while connecting them to relevant scriptures from God’s Word. Through poignant reflections and relatable commentary, The Sports Devotional will provide spiritual insights that will help you grow and equip you to share with other sports fans.

With The Sports Devotional, you will, 

  • Receive guidance and wisdom from the teachings of Jesus, applied through the lens of sports. 
  • Learn practical ways to integrate your faith into your daily life, drawing parallels between sports and discipleship. 
  • Experience personal growth as you deepen your understanding of the Bible. 
  • Find encouragement to persevere, overcome obstacles, and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.
  • Discover how principles from the world of sports can enhance your relationship with Jesus.