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Everybody Needs Some Cave Time Study Guide

Author Jorge Acevedo

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Throughout the Bible, caves were places of hiding. Often people went to these caves to hide from what Paul called “battles on the outside and fear on the inside” (2 Corinthians 7:5). In this seven-week series, we will look at seven biblical “caves” and the persons who hide in them. The truth is that everybody needs some cave time, and God does some of his best work in them.


Originally this material was used as a seven-week Lenten series beginning on the Sunday following Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday with Jesus in the cave of resurrection. However, this series is not limited to that particular time in the Christian calendar. It can be used anytime throughout the year. The preacher will, of course, be significantly helped by reading the book before doing his or her message preparation. Utilizing the book Everybody Needs Some Cave Time along with the weekly sermons with the graphics package and the small group discussion guides, a local church could have a seven-week “campaign” or focus. The “drumbeat” for every week is the statement, “A cave can either be a hiding place or a holy place.”

The small group materials are to be used in the week following the message. You can encourage existing groups to use the small group materials as well as launch seven-week, short-term groups to meet and use the materials.