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Come Alive: Matthew (Paperback)

Conversations with Scripture

Author Talbot Davis

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Book - Paperback

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De-weird the Bible. Discover how God is speaking to you today.

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Come Alive: Conversations with Scripture took me to a deeper contextual understanding of Matthew's gospel and provided daily applications at the end of each chapter.

Angela A. Pleasants
Angela A. Pleasants
Vice President Clergy Church Relations, Wesleyan Covenant Association

I love how my friends and family have made Pastor Talbot Davis’s daily “Word Before World” emails a habit in their morning routine. How perfectly fitting that it’s being transformed into a book I can gift to others. I can’t wait!!

Ruvell Martin II
Ruvell Martin II
Retired NFL player and coach

You’ve read Matthew, but have you fully grasped it? The Gospel of Matthew is a complex text that rewards diligent consideration. You may experience a sense of wonder as scripture comes alive as Talbot Davis skillfully guides us step by step through this most inspiring work. -

Don Phillips
Don Phillips
Managing Director, Morningstar Investments

As a thoughtful theologian and a caring pastor, Talbot Davis loves and lives God’s Word. He wants others to love and live it as he does.

David Chadwick
David Chadwick
Pastor of Moments Of Hope Church & host of ‘The David Chadwick Show’ on WBT radio in Charlotte, NC

Have you ever wished you had a pastor on hand to explain what you're reading in the Bible? Now you do! In this lively reader's guide to the book of Matthew, Pastor Talbot Davis pioneers a new genre to help others read Scripture well.

Carmen Joy Imes
Carmen Joy Imes
Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University and author of Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters

Come Alive is a truly transformative tool created in the crucible of visionary local church leadership. Make God’s Word more accessible to your life–and the people you lead–everyday!

Will Mancini
Will Mancini
Author of Future Church, founder of the Future Church Company

Davis comes alongside readers daily and gives them just enough insight so they can understand and delight in the Scripture they read.  His five guiding principles are solid, and provide the framework that helps the reader embrace the authority of the Scriptures and an openness to the inspiration of the Spirit.

Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway
Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway
Senior Pastor of Reynoldsburg UMC in Reynoldsburg, OH, and former president of Asbury Seminary

Talbot writes conversationally and with immediacy, like he's right in the room alongside you, with wisdom and humor gained from decades of ministry, knowledge from years of study, and an infectious love of Scripture, Christ, and those seeking to walk with Jesus. I for one loved diving into this book!

Susan B Griffith
Susan B Griffith
Associate Member, Theology and Religion Faculty, University of Oxford


Come Alive: Conversations with Scripture is a guide through the books of the Bible, providing cultural context and insights that bridge the gap between the world of the Bible and our world today. Each book includes a daily reading, a daily insight and a daily reading prompt that will help you reflect on the text and build the skills to read the Bible for yourself with more confidence and understanding. Discover a new and unexpected way to engage with Scripture and experience the Bible not as a distant, confusing document, but as a living, breathing conversation between God and humanity that continues to speak into our ever-changing world.


Matthew betrayed his own people for money—then was called and transformed by Jesus. This Jewish tax collector, who worked for the oppressor Romans, gives a detailed account of the life of Jesus through the lens of Jewish history and prophecy. More than any other Gospel writer, Matthew documents the actual words of Jesus and connects everything Jesus said and did to the promises about the Messiah. Through this interactive guide through the book of Matthew, you will gain a new appreciation for both Matthew’s literary genius and how he invites you into the unfolding story of God and humanity.

Customer Reviews


Takes mature Bible readers to new level; makes Bible relevant to skeptic.

I was privileged to be among the early participants in Talbot’s morning emails that formed the basis of this book. While I have been a Jesus Follower for nearly forty years and “read” the Bible, other than snippets, a bit of history and some overarching but primitive theology, it never really “came alive” until it was taught by Reverend Davis. And as crucial as his insights have been to me now, had I read this books when I was a lost seeker, my faith journey would have been jump started by decades. Actually the guidance in the Introduction is worth the price of the book and it only gets better from there. And maybe the very best part is the morning prayer, study and contemplation routine it establishes. Talbot has an encyclopedic knowledge of Biblical history, keen cultural insights, well-considered, Biblically-based theology and the gift to present it all in very readable form. I am sending the book to several friends who are exploring a faith.
by Frank W.