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Discover the powerful life that is waiting for you when you fully trust in your Christian faith.

This collection of short Bible studies and teachings will challenge you and inspire you to fully trust and engage with your faith - the kind of faith Jesus wants from you.


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We all want more passion in life, but for most of us, the Christian life has become routine - mundance even. We forget that Chrisitanity was never meant to be lived halfway; Jesus has invited us to a life of devotion, excitement and purpose - a life beyond what we can imagine.

This collection of short Bible studies and teachings by pastor Scott Engle will help you ignite your passion for Christ and step into your calling as a Christian, "a life worthy of the calling you have received." What Jesus Expects of Us invites you to join Christ in the mission he has for all of his followers and shows you how to build a life of trust, action and hope - a life "all in" for God. 

For the person seeking transformation not just information and a changed life instead of complacency, this book will move you into a deeper faith and show you how to become who God created you to be.

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Scott Engle

Scott Engle is the Teaching Pastor at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, a vibrant and growing congregation of more than 8,000 in Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas. Scott has been on staff at St. Andrew nearly twenty years, teaching numerous adult Bible studies, preaching regularly, and writing a lengthy Bible study weekly. In 2019, Scott launched a successful podcast of his weekday Bible studies, which is available on all podcast platforms.

Scott is also the author of Restart: Getting Past Christian-ish, which explores the basics of the biblical story, examines the Apostles’ Creed, and tackles some hard questions of faith. Much of Scott’s written materials and links to class videos are available at www.scottengle.org.

Scott began his professional career as a USAF pilot and then spent twenty-five years leading a variety of businesses, large and small. He has also taught at Texas Christian University and the University of North Texas. Scott holds a B.A. from Louisiana Tech University, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas. Scott and his wife, Patti, have been married more than twenty years and make their home in Frisco, Texas. Between them, they have three grown sons and two grandsons.


What Jesus Expects of Us Reviews

What people
are saying…

You can see the Holy Spirit working through Dr. Engle in his writing. The timing of this release couldn’t be better. We need this and we need it now.

David E. Brusilow
David E. Brusilow
Director, Coats Rose

What Jesus Expects of Us is an engaging new work that explores the many layers of discipleship in the modern world. It is a rich journey through scripture, integrating select passages with contemporary writers and social issues. Scott Engle sets the historical context of passages and underscores their relevance for discipleship in the modern world, offering balanced adaptations of passages given our current culture. This would be a wonderful text to use in organized faith formation programs or as an individual text for personal study and reflection.

Dr. Michael Hartwig
Dr. Michael Hartwig
Ph.D., Professor, Artist, Writer, and International Travel Consultant

This book is going to have a lasting impact on me. I’ve never seen Jesus’ expectations laid out so clearly and specifically for all of us claiming the title of Christian, all backed solidly by scripture. What I really appreciate about Scott’s gift of writing and teaching is the way he breaks complex concepts into understandable pieces as he connects scripture to the context of when it was written, and then to our current times.

Vicky Dearing
Vicky Dearing
Professional Certified Coach, Consultant and Co-Author of Results Coaching

Scott Engle mixes the wisdom of trusted Biblical scholars and faith leaders with his own profound insights and thought-proving questions to create a fresh perspective on scripture. This is a resource that will move people into the deeper waters of discipleship.

Dr. Pam White
Dr. Pam White
Senior Pastor, First Rowlett United Methodist Church
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