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Discover who Jesus really is – and how to release his power in your life

Provocative and inspiring, Jesus Unchained challenges the ways we have twisted Jesus to fit our agendas and shows how who he really is can set us free.

Everybody has an opinion about Jesus. But who is he really?

We all have created false versions of Jesus that fit our agendas. We have Black Jesus and white Jesus, Republican Jesus and Democrat Jesus, American Jesus, revolutionary Jesus, prosperity Jesus.

Our Jesus looks like us, votes like us, values the same things we value, and is against the same things we’re against. No wonder the church today is so divided.

But is this really who Jesus is? And how have the limitations we’ve placed on Jesus chained his power in our lives?

Jesus Unchained is a book about Jesus – as a man and as God, in his culture and context – that challenges you to stop making an idol out of Jesus and gives you a fuller picture of who he really is. As you learn from different perspectives and communities while reflecting on your own, Jesus Unchained will point you back to the true Jesus and inspire a faith that transcends politics, religion, and even your deepest questions about God.

Whatever group you are a part of, you will be inspired to think outside your box, to see where you’ve made Jesus fit your agenda, and to explore creative expressions of faith that unchain the real power of Jesus in your life, the church, and the world.

This book is for those on the margins, who want to know if Jesus really offers good news for you. It’s for those asking deep questions about faith or having your faith challenged by life. It’s for the people trying to navigate the political and cultural moment we’re living in and wondering if Jesus can still unite us. It’s for anyone trying to find hope in the chaos, freedom from broken systems, and a new way of bringing love and justice into the world.

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No wonder the church today is so divided.

Our Jesus looks like us, votes like us, values the same things we value, and is against the same things we’re against.

Robert Glenn Johnson

About Rev. Robert Glenn Johnson

“I have gone through intellectual and faith crises, where everything fell apart. But through each stage of my faith journey, Jesus continued to make sense of it all.

Jesus adds meaning to my experience and the world. Jesus bridges divides and continuously gives me a new perspective. Jesus is the place where I find my bearings and the place where I can evolve past the boundaries and limitations that I put on myself and others.

I always come back to him. He is the one person I have found to be trustworthy in the chaos.”

Robert Glenn Johnson is a highly committed pastor with over 25 years of pastoral leadership experience in a variety of ministry contexts: rural, urban, suburban, new church plant, transitional, mega-church, small church, cross-cultural, campus ministry, and dual appointments. He is noted for this exceptional commitment and effectiveness in leadership development, team-building, organizational development, vision-casting, evangelism, community service, preaching, teaching, recruiting young leaders, worship planning, prayer ministry development, and equipping the saints for ministry.

A respected preacher with the ability to preach and speak in diverse contexts, Rev. Johnson seeks to find new, relevant ways to communicate across racial, educational, cultural, and generational boundaries. His personal passions include prayer, worship, community building (from small groups to geographical areas), evangelism, cultivating the arts in the local church, cultivating academic & intellectual inquiry in the local church, and practicing radical hospitality towards marginalized and alienated groups.

Robert has been the pastor of Saint Mark United Methodist Church since August 1, 2016. Rev. Johnson resides in Wichita, KS, and is married to Linda Y. Johnson, a financial manager with Shell Oil. They have two daughters, Giselle and Kayla.


Jesus Unchained Reviews

What people
are saying…

This book will truly help to break the chains of bad religion, faulty theology, inaccurate history, and cultural perceptions! Just read the book!

Dr. Terry L. Weems
Dr. Terry L. Weems
Pastor of New Life Fellowship Church, Columbia/McComb/Silver Creek, MS

Jesus Unchained is a transformational offering.

Rev. Dr. T. LaMont Holder
Rev. Dr. T. LaMont Holder
Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Wichita, KS and President of the Kansas Missionary Baptist State Convention

Robert Johnson helps us break the chains of our false images of Jesus that we might see Jesus for who he is. I highly recommend this book! 

Derek Vreeland
Derek Vreeland
Pastor, Author of By the Way: Getting Serious About Following Jesus

As a layman, I hadn’t really thought how I’ve ‘chained Jesus’ by my background, experience, and culture. It was exciting to realize I could ‘Unchain Jesus’ and unchain parts of my life.

Lynn Rogers
Lynn Rogers
Kansas State Treasurer

A scripturally sound, trustworthy guide in following the One who breaks the chains with which we all have been shackled.

C. Clifton Black
C. Clifton Black
Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

Jesus Unchained is unique and provocative. It made me reconsider what I thought I knew. 

Ed O’Malley
Ed O’Malley
Author and CEO, Kansas Leadership Center

Cutting through the mistakes we make about Jesus, Robert Johnson challenges us to see Jesus as the Bibles sees him. The Church often gets it wrong, and he wants us to unchain Jesus and follow him so that we Christians can become full participants in the Kingdom of God. It’s a book worth reading.

Bishop Scott Jones
Bishop Scott Jones
Bishop of the Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

What do you do when the Sunday School answers don’t hold up against life’s struggles? When there is so much division in the church and world? When so much oppression has taken place in Jesus’s name? When some people seem to thrive in social and religious systems while others are excluded and marginalized?


Is the version of Jesus we’ve created really who Jesus is?


In this provocative and nuanced book by pastor Robert Glenn Johnson, you will be inspired to:

Discover who Jesus really is – and how to release his power in your life

Reflect on the way you have created Jesus in your own image

Embrace your questions about faith and humbly learn from other communities.

Discover who Jesus really is – and how to release his power in your life

Find your bearings by centering your faith on Jesus

Discover a new sense of wonder, excitement, and trust in your relationship with Jesus – without having to have all the answers.

Discover who Jesus really is – and how to release his power in your life

Take compassionate action based on the real power of Jesus

Explore creative expressions of faith in light of who Jesus really is.

jesus unchained frnt

In a time in which Christianity is part of what divides us, it is still possible for Jesus to unite us.

Tear down the false versions of Jesus that divide us. Recenter your faith on who Jesus really is. Discover his transformative power in your life and the world.

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