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Comfort and Joy speaks to the heart of those who long for hope and to those who find joy in the sacred celebration of Christ at Christmas.

Advent is the period in the Christian calendar that culminates in the celebration of the birth of Christ. During this holy season of waiting, we reflect, meditate, and prepare our hearts for the coming into the world of the promised Messiah.

Advent reminds us of our longing for light, comfort, love, and joy, the eternal qualities of God.

Advent is a time to look within and listen for the voice of God. Advent responds to our deep yearning for a closer, more intimate relationship with God through Christ.

In this book of devotions, you will find:

·         a daily thought

·         a prayer suggestion

·         a study scripture

·         a question for consideration about how God is alive in Christ in your life and in the world

As you read the devotional for each day, may you feel the presence of God in Christ in the love that holds you close at Christmas and always.

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Julie Yarbrough

Julie Yarbrough lives in Dallas, Texas and is President of Yarbrough Investments. She has written extensively on grief, inspired by the death of her beloved husband. Julie is the author of several books that address the practical and spiritual challenges of grief including Present Comfort, the Beyond the Broken Heart grief group resources, Inside the Broken Heart, Beyond the Broken Heart: Daily Devotions for Your Grief Journey, A Journey Through Grief, and Secure in the Storm (Abingdon Press). In writing about grief, her premise is that those who grieve seek answers found only when they understand the personal dimensions of their own individual grief.

Julie is a member of the Board of Methodist Health System, Texas Methodist Foundation, and the Executive Board of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. She is an active member of Highland Park United Methodist and blogs at www.beyondthebrokenheart.com.

9781953495433 2d paprbk

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