Everything Is All Right . . . Because We Have Got This

by Robert Hasley

“. . . for all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

Immediately following my cancer diagnosis, I received a gift from a very good friend. The gift was a bracelet that I have worn on my right wrist for over nine months. Printed on the bracelet are the words, “You Got This.” I greatly appreciated the positive approach to my diagnosis, but frankly, it has taken me until now to grasp what it really means to believe “I Got This.” It does not mean I will be cured, but it also does not mean that by God’s miraculous grace I will not somehow be cured, either. It does not mean the chemo treatments will be smooth sailing. It does not mean I will not have moments that I am afraid and anxious about what the future holds.

However, what “You Got This” has come to mean to me is that I am not alone in my battle with cancer. The fact that my family, friends, and church family have chosen to walk alongside me during this challenging time means the world to me. I would not have had the strength to travel this path without them or the strong presence of Christ in my life. Recently, I received a text from one of my friends who has chosen to walk this road with me. My friend reminded me that I have a choice. I can either wake up each day choosing to “live with cancer,” or I can choose to spend my day “dying with cancer.” You (my loving family and friends) and the good Lord above remind me each day that “I Got This.” Because of your encouragement and compassion, I am choosing to “live with cancer.” This choice has brought me a level of purpose, joy, hope, and fulfillment that I would have never thought possible under the circumstances.

Therefore, I leave you with this thought. No matter how rocky the road is you are traveling today, know “You Got This!”



This devotional is part of a new series called Everything is All Right, by Rev. Robert Hasley, and is a part of a follow up to his book Everything is Gonna Be All Right, which you can purchase through the Invite Store here.