Standard industry publishing royalties are like a carrot and a stick. Authors dream of retiring on the side income, while the average non fiction title sells about 500 copies, lifetime, across the industry. Book contracts are negotiated around pennies. Meanwhile, other considerations which are considerably more important to the labor of writing a book are minimized or set aside entirely. 

In most traditional publishing environments, authors submit manuscripts into a black hole, with poor communication, little to no knowledge of the publishing process, lack of input into cover and interior design, minimal marketing, and more. In the end, a relatively small check arrives, and authors must abide with fleeting local renown as the primary compensation for hundreds of hours of labor.

We believe it's possible to do things better.

Invite is more focused on supporting me in my development as an author than any single idea I can put on a page.

 - Michael Adam Beck, author, Painting with Ashes

When we began Invite Press, we asked, how would you publish in the kingdom of heaven? 

We believe ideas are important and books remain the best medium for forcing authors to think with clarity, discover innovative solutions, and share those with audiences that need them.

With prayerful consideration, we named several publishing variables that can be done differently. Consider:

  • Long term relationships between publishers and authors over one-time, contractual transactions
  • Shared passion for the core ideas of the author’s work(s)
  • High levels of communication, transparency, and trust
  • Creative collaboration and consensus 
  • Constant communication and quality control
  • Clearly designed and executed marketing campaigns

Our publishing goal is to make beatiful books. Click here to see more about our editorial standards.

Invite's marketing has delivered astonishing results. I never dreamed my book would stay so high in Amazon's rankings for so long.

 - Jason Moore, author, Both/And: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for In-Person and Online Engagement


One of our innovations is a shared royalty agreement option for authors. Authors have the option to choose a traditional contract or one in which net project revenue is split equally between the non-profit ministry of Invite Resources and the charity of the author’s choosing (often their local church). Authors in full-time ministry, in particular, have discovered the benefits of directing additional funds to their ministry.

Here is Invite Press Publisher Len Wilson speaking with author Robert Glenn Johnson about the shared royalty agreement option:

There are three things I love about working with Invite Resources.  First, their line of “we publish people, not products” is more than just a slogan – it’s reality.  Throughout the entire process, they have gotten to know me, encourage me, and call out whatever gifts I have within. Second, their Quality Control excels in a way that’s thorough without being invasive.  The General Editor, Project Manager, and Copy Editors know how to challenge and inspire simultaneously – a feat that’s exceedingly rare in the publishing world.  Finally, the end products are, frankly, beautiful.  The design always enhances the content. 

Talbot Davis, Pastor, Author, Texas Tennis Legend, Humble Ivy Leaguer


We encourage authors to choose a contraxct option that is best suited for their needs.

Traditional contracts offer a straight list royalty which scales. It is a generous version of a typical contract from a standard publishing house, and some of our authors opt for it.

Our innovative net revenue contract does several things:

  • Published works make the author’s ministry stronger, for example the local church where a pastor works. 
  • It allows an author to say at a large event regarding the book that all proceeds from the book are going to support their ministry and create massive goodwill for the work.
  • Rather than dividing loyalties, it increases loyalty by encouraging the people in the author's network and community to support the author’s efforts.
  • If the book generates a small amount of royalty, then the benefits to the community clearly outweigh any potential loss of personal revenue to the author.
  • If the book generates a large amount of royalty, then it provides a wonderful opportunity for the local church to thank the author in whatever way makes sense for the author and their community. 

Our goal is that publishing with Invite as opposed to publishing in a traditional environment enhances the author’s personal and professional relationships, puts more money into the local efforts, and grows the kingdom both relationally and financially.